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  1. Oggyswain

    Harmonized Octave

    In the Lenny Kravitz song Are you gonna go my Way. I am trying to duplicate the part where there is a second guitar playing the higher octave. I have tried a few things but no luck any suggestions duplicating that on the Helix?
  2. Oggyswain

    Helis and Ext volume Pedal

    Can I add an external volume pedal without having to add it to each patch? can I set a universal setting that will allow the volume pedal to work with all mt presets?
  3. Oggyswain

    Helix and MXR Distortion+ Sound

    Excellent, Thank You!
  4. Oggyswain

    Helix and MXR Distortion+ Sound

  5. Oggyswain

    Helix and MXR Distortion+ Sound

    That is one and the same. I will try that thanks. Is there a list of Helix effects and what their real counterparts are?
  6. Oggyswain

    Helix and MXR Distortion+ Sound

    Does anyone have a suggestion for getting an MXR Distortion+ sound? I have always loved this distortion pedal. It was never very popular and I have never seen anyone else using it but I have always loved the sound. Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks
  7. Oggyswain

    Helix copying tones within a snapshot

    Got it! Maybe they can change that in there next upgrade. : -) "So you can't say, setup a preset with a Fender and OD and save that to snapshot 1, then have snapshot 2 be a Panama with a delay, unless you have the Fender, OD, Panama, and Delay already in the preset."
  8. Oggyswain

    Helix copying tones within a snapshot

    OK So if I understand you correctly. I can't have a completely different setup in every snapshot. So I can have a bunch of effects that can turn off and on within the snapshot. They all have 5 effects. 1 snapshot only has effect 1 on. The second snapshot has 1 and 5 effects on. 3 snapshot has them all on. etc. Is that correct? "I'm not sure what you mean by copying tones, but you can copy an entire preset that has snapshots defined in it to a different location and then work on it there. Snapshots are preset dependent meaning they work specifically on the blocks defined within a specific preset. You can't take a snapshot and have it magically understand how to work in a preset that has different amps, effects, and so forth. To copy a preset containing snapshots simple hit the Save button and then at the bottom of the screen you can use the knobs to dial in a different location for the preset."
  9. Oggyswain

    Snapshots Changes

    Excellent!! Thanks
  10. Can I copy a tone into a snapshot? So if it on another patch can I copy it into a particular snapshot? If so, how can this be done? Thanks
  11. Oggyswain

    Snapshots Changes

    I have my Helix set up to show the songs on the top row and the snapshots for each song below. So I can have a song chosen and below I can have one snapshot as the intro, One as the verse, One as the chorus. etc. My problem is that when I change the 2nd snapshot it changes the tone universally. So each snapshot changes to the new sounds. What I am trying to do is make every snapshot a different part. Is there something that I have set incorrectly? Thanks
  12. Oggyswain

    Swapping sounds from other Line 6 Effects Units

    Yes, I have a Helix Floor, When I look for Lenny Kravitz without selecting a unit. It came with various parts of the song. I thought I might be able to import. No luck it was a very old line 6 unit. Anyway, I'll figure it out. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  13. Hi I noticed there are a lot of patches for songs on the other effects units that Line 6 have i.e. Lenny Kravitz "Are you going to go my way" They even have Multiple patches for lead, Harmonized guitar, Middle 8, etc. Is there a way of reading the info from these files so I have a starting point for getting the sound on the Helix? I'm new to the Helix so creating tones are not my forte, just yet. Thanks
  14. Oggyswain

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    OK, I have a crazy idea. How about if the Helix could listen to a guitar tone analyze it and create the sound patch for it. Like Shazam does for figuring out Songs. I know crazy but pretty cool. Work on it guys!
  15. Oggyswain

    Helix through Katana 212 Amp

    I'm renting a Helix this weekend. I have been watching the videos on it and am super excited about it. I can't believe how easy it is to set up, from what I've seen.