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  1. MonkeyXT

    Helix Rack to Helix Control Ethercon Cable

    The Variac cable by Line 6 works perfectly in this scenario - I use exactly that, and it's been great for 2.5 years and onward *knock on wood*
  2. MonkeyXT

    HX Effects 2 effects - 1 button

    For that, simply tap (capacitive touch style, not click) the assigned footswitch until it shows the status you prefer when it's in the state you want to start with - it will alternate between the two reverbs, highlighting them. Once it's showing on/off the way you prefer, then re-save the patch.
  3. MonkeyXT

    Snapshot logic - "Snapshot safe" setting

    I can see the potential usefulness of this, and I'd stand behind it as well. To make it as seamless as possible if this were added, it would make sense for any process blocks to be 'as they are now' by default (iow, subject to being Snapshot controlled). Then the user would have the option to enable the protected mode per block as required. That would make it relatively straightforward on the user side at least. I can't say for the programming side of course =]
  4. MonkeyXT

    Are any artists ACTUALLY using the Helix?

    ... Billy always keeps his up on top of his power amp etc - never been on the floor in any rig shots / rundowns that I've ever seen. Perhaps Billy's use inspired Bumblefoot to get onboard.
  5. MonkeyXT

    Helix Rack floor control gig bag?

    I do exactly as above; I converted the interior to make more room, and made a separator to protect the controller... then my expression pedals, cables, wireless, tools, etc. all travel in that same rolling suitcase with the extensible handle. Between that, my Helix rack residing in a Gator 3-space short depth enclosure with a carry handle, and my Mono double-electric gig bag, I can roll myself into and out of a situation in one trip each way without help.
  6. MonkeyXT

    Helix in for repairs after 13 months!

    It's too bad you didn't purchase L&M's own Performance Warranty - that can be done essentially by the anniversary of the purchase, and it puts the store's warranty service in place for another year. Warranty work for Line 6 gear is done in Canada by Yorkville Sound, which is closely associated with Long & McQuade - their repair time turn-arounds have been impressive based on the experiences of my good friend. They'll look after you. Please continue to update this thread to share how the rest of the process goes for you.
  7. MonkeyXT

    List of FRFR speakers mentioned in Helix forum

    Yorkville YX10P powered 10" PA style speaker, wedge or pole-mount. (I'm using a pair of these at home for stereo - translates well to FOH results when comparing against a PA made up of a super clean and crisp SoundCraft board into two older Mackie 12" mains). I recently got to compare one of these up against a Friedman 1-12 FRFR and was super impressed with how well it held its own. I also compared against an Alto TS210 and... the Alto sounded 'messy' in comparison. I did post about these speakers somewhere on the forum. At this point I've been using these for just over a year. Yorkville website product page for YX10P
  8. MonkeyXT

    Noise Gate(s) - Is there a difference

    I'll want to revisit this, but a while back I was experimenting, and found that I preferred using a gate block just before the amp, after drive bump blocks and such. For my experience, it seemed to be a bit more 'transparent' to my dynamics in that position than using the input gate at similar settings. I'd actually set up a test patch with a footswitch assignment that swapped them on/off to compare directly. Just a bit of extra input on the subject, since it came up.
  9. MonkeyXT

    Helix Bug Reports

    I've been reporting this bug in ongoing fashion. It goes way back, and was thought to be fixed, but has not. It seems to be either be mainly or exclusively to do with multiple assignments wherein amps are being switched. I've had other function switches which don't change amps, just other functions/parameters, and they don't seem to 'forget' their LED status. Each time there was a firmware update, I enjoyed putting it in, but loathed the fact that I'd have to go through all of my amp block-related function switches and fix their LED status every time (and I had at that point used a great many of them, especially since this predated the Snapshot feature). So, 'seconded' (I've honestly lost track of how many times I've brought this up or reiterated or supported it as I am right now).
  10. MonkeyXT

    Helix gator case

    The Helix rack unit is 3U I believe G90 is 1U Helix Control - I'm pretty certain - requires 2U sized drawer etc to fit. That's 6U total for your requirements without anything else.
  11. MonkeyXT

    Repurpose Unused Snapshots

    Excellent repurposing - nicely done!
  12. MonkeyXT

    Helix rack: initial impressions

    Excellent evolving thread - twohandband; I hope you'll continue to update as you move toward using Helix at your gig situation wherein more complexity is required. Cheers, and congrats.
  13. MonkeyXT

    30% off Native

    Just to confirm; I just tested this with my account (Rack/Control registered) - stayed at $99 after applying the code, same as your experience. EDIT: even when trying various permutations of the sale code, just in case it was case sensitive (I doubt this very much), or had an unspecified space in there. Meaning I tried: SALE30 SALE 30 sale30 sale 30 Sale30 Sale30 None of these worked.
  14. MonkeyXT

    How do you carry your Helix Rack?

    1 - apparently Line 6 made certain that it would fit in a rack drawer. And yes I'm pretty certain (away from the hardware at the moment) that it wouldn't fit in a 1U, but 2U should be just fine. 2 - my controller and sundries go into an 'airport' carry on rolling bag I converted inside to work well for this (and for the PODhd/Shortboard before it) 3 - I went minimal with just a 3U Gator - everything else goes into the rolly bag. Two EXP pedals, cables etc... power is from a conditioned bar that I put into the wall and run out to the rack. 4 - no, I use the rack (I don't really prefer the Control display for the tuner, but it's usable) 5 - I use a G50 for the 'go bag' and it's stored in the upper front pocket of the rolling bag. I created a clip on 'shelf' to dual-lock the receive onto which hooks to and retained on the front face of the rack box, projecting back. I should also say that I use a backward-aimed portable Ultimate amp stand to put the rack box down low but aimed up at me - that shelf for the G50 is made to sit level when it's all set up. I created some cable minding in the back to keep those from getting pinched in the process (my only edit after the first time I tried out this set-up; I struggled to keep the power and outs to house etc. out of the way before that. Now I have 'ties' which wrap around the cables before I set it down onto the amp stand. Hope this helps in some fashion. I really prefer the clean minimal floor aspect of using the rack/control method. I got too used to that while using my bean PODhd (butt POD - lol) tied to the shortboard and extra EXP... no audio or power going to the front except the connector cable for the controller.
  15. MonkeyXT

    Foot switch function - is this possible

    Further to the above, to quickly go over how to do it; you simply assign both blocks to that same footswitch, doing so with them in their opposing on/off states when you do so. Your main decision then becomes this; which one do you want to have ON when the LED is lit up? As HonestOpinion says above; leveraging the Snapshot function can be a far more versatile option, especially if you require the option of having both blocks OFF at the same time. You'd have to examine your various scenarios to see which approach makes most sense. I can say in my own case, there are times when a footswitch assignment is as far as it needs to go, so long as the states of the assigned blocks always need to be in opposition.