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  1. nope, not possible at the moment to assign on/off status of a block to multiple switches. so you may have to do wih one switch turning on the loop as well as send a PC message to the H9 and another switch to change to another preset on the H9. Hopefully, future updates will eliminate the need to do it this way
  2. Just wanna share this, its the Helix Tricks compilation from the massive TGP thread and somewhere in it, there are diagrams on how to modify different expression pedals to work with Helix. Credit goes to Flyingscool from TGP. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ixrfz0lb8oiw6t/Helix%20Tricks%20160319.docx?dl=0
  3. How about the ground lift switch at the back of Helix, does it not help with eliminating ground loops when using helix for 4cm?
  4. Line 6 has already laid out how the updates are gonna be. First they get the editor out, squash some bugs with user's help, update the editor, squash some more bugs then release the official release version of the editor. After that, then we get the fun stuff. All we need to do is be patient guys, that's it. If you have requests, Ideascale is there so make use of it
  5. First option you stated is all that's needed. Since you can already assign parameter changes to footswithches then all that's left is to allow the assignment of the off/on state of a block to multiple switches and you've essentially got "scenes"
  6. I usually get the digital formats now but they aren't going away.
  7. Only the existence of the perfect multifx device will stop users (and non-users too from what i gather from forums like this) from complaining and/or asking for stuff. Since the perfect multifx has never been achieved yet, and will never be achieved IMO, then discussions like this will continue on and on. Even the almighty and revered Axe Fx has its share of critics/complaints too bout patch change latency from what I have read in the Fractal forums. So carry on guys, discuss away.. Good thing is Line 6 actually encourages customers to speak up. Doesn't guarantee that you'll get what you want though..
  8. Check out the May 2016 issue of Guitarist. I believe Guitar Player is also coming out with a review for the May issue
  9. Line 6 can certainly do optimizations on the code, increasing patch changing times by a few ms. But from what i understand there will always be a slight gap that you will hear. True seamless preset switching would be impossible on the current implementation unless 1) They limit patch creation on 1 DSP and use 2nd DSP only as a sort of preset loading buffer, or 2) Come up with some sort of external DSP box that you can plug in to the helix to do the same thing (no idea if this is even possible). Now, the question is what patch change gap would be tolerable?
  10. All good things come to those who wait. I too want new stuff to be added to the Helix and I know that they will come. I see no reason to doubt Line 6`s support for the Helix as they have already brought out a lot of updates since release and its only been a few months
  11. There are already a lot of amps and fx in the helix as well as routing options by which you could plug in your fave effects. Don't tell me you've already exhausted all the tonal possibilities the Helix has to offer?
  12. There are workarounds available if you really want seamless switching of sounds, but I guess it wont satisfy everybody coz human nature being what it is, we always want more yet not have to pay more.
  13. There is one on customtone called Arm the Homeless
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