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  1. aepoc

    3 amp blend?

    You're welcome... happy to do it. For sure, I love getting patches to try out. Jason Sadites has helped a lot too!
  2. aepoc

    3 amp blend?

    No kidding time flies! You could try the global EQ for working with multi-amp patches, but I do agree that it would only go so far. Just wanted to chime in and share anyhow. Hope you're doing awesome.
  3. aepoc

    3 amp blend?

    Yep, I know. But I wanted to put it up there in case he (or anyone else) wanted to try it out. I won't be upset or disappointed if I get nothing in response :)
  4. aepoc

    3 amp blend?

    I have a patch on my CustomTone where I use three amps, but I'm running one hard left, one center, one hard right. It's called Mohawk. Lemme know what you think:
  5. Are there any really good acoustic IR's that work with single coils? Free or not, I don't care.
  6. This info will be very helpful to me too. Thanks all!
  7. aepoc


    Any awesome strings/pads patches out there for the Helix? Would love to try some.
  8. Did you try plugging into a different USB port on the computer?
  9. No doubt; good to know. Sorry about your mild heart attack.
  10. This is another combination patch, Orange OR80 and the Marshal Plexi. Created with a PRS SE Custom 24. In the recording below, I utilize both humbuckers and single coil tones. Hope you like it. Link to audio sample:
  11. aepoc

    New lead tone

    Just created a nice, yet bare-bones lead tone. Left amp is the Modded 2204 model, and the right amp is the Line 6 Fatality model. Snapshot 1 solos the 2204. Snapshot 2 solos the Fatality. Snapshot 3 is both (spread in stereo a bit). Snapshot 4 is both spread with delay. Created with a PRS SE Custom 24. Bridge humbucker. Any feedback is welcome.
  12. Another great video. Thank you very much!
  13. aepoc

    Summer NAMM 2016

    That looks awesome. Too bad I can't drum for $#!T
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