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  1. Are there any really good acoustic IR's that work with single coils? Free or not, I don't care.
  2. aepoc

    Help with bass tone

    This info will be very helpful to me too. Thanks all!
  3. aepoc


    Any awesome strings/pads patches out there for the Helix? Would love to try some.
  4. Did you try plugging into a different USB port on the computer?
  5. No doubt; good to know. Sorry about your mild heart attack.
  6. This is another combination patch, Orange OR80 and the Marshal Plexi. Created with a PRS SE Custom 24. In the recording below, I utilize both humbuckers and single coil tones. Hope you like it. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/2218528/ Link to audio sample: https://soundcloud.com/aepoc/saginaw-3
  7. aepoc

    New lead tone

    Just created a nice, yet bare-bones lead tone. Left amp is the Modded 2204 model, and the right amp is the Line 6 Fatality model. Snapshot 1 solos the 2204. Snapshot 2 solos the Fatality. Snapshot 3 is both (spread in stereo a bit). Snapshot 4 is both spread with delay. Created with a PRS SE Custom 24. Bridge humbucker. Any feedback is welcome. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/2203363/
  8. Another great video. Thank you very much!
  9. aepoc

    Summer NAMM 2016

    That looks awesome. Too bad I can't drum for $#!T
  10. aepoc

    Pitch Shift/Whammy

    Awesome replies here. Could help a lot of people. Glad it was sorted out.
  11. aepoc

    Helix and Relay G10

    Heh, lucky. I've had mine on preorder from Sweetwater since March. I'm not slated to get mine for another month yet.
  12. Thanks, glad you like it. Hmm interesting, maybe my PAF Pro is too close to the strings as you mentioned. Some have suggested I try a hair tie around the strings (above the nut, below the tuners) to eliminate the ringing. I'm going to give that a shot the next time I use it.
  13. By the way, here's the tone: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/2067114/
  14. Thanks for the tips guys. I'll be trying a hair tie or rubberband tonight. Much appreciated.
  15. Thanks Duncann, I appreciate the time. Pad is already on (always), so it was in that clip as well, and you're right, everything sounds better. I'll give the pickup height thing a try, couldn't hurt.
  16. Are my ears being strange, or is there a ringing at the end of each little riff in this clip? It's only present in the Les Paul (first half) not the PRS (second half). PRS starts at 25 seconds. Pier Murru on the Facebook group for Helix thinks it's resonant peak of the first pup is way stronger than the second pup... which is making sense. The pickup is a DiMarzio PAF Pro (bridge). Guitar is an Epi Les Paul Standard. Curious what other ears think of it. https://soundcloud.com/aepoc/lp-prs-test-4
  17. aepoc

    1.12 Tuner Question

    Nice thinking. Thanks :)
  18. aepoc

    1.12 Tuner Question

    Not really, but the way I have my area setup for playing, the Helix is about 15 feet away.
  19. aepoc

    1.12 Tuner Question

    But is the tuner in the Helix App?
  20. Cool, thanks man. I'll see what I can come up with.
  21. Just curious if anyone's made any White Stripes patches for the Helix. I know he uses a lot of Fender amps, along with some amps I'd never heard of before.
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