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  1. suckamc

    Midi Clock Sync!

    Adding my name to the list of clamorers.
  2. THIS: Global amp/IR bypass (so that you can use the same preset list both with and without real amps...no more tweaking in 2 folders every time a change is made). http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Global-Amp-IR-bypass-for-using-same-presets-w-a-real-amp/830353-23508?submitted=1
  3. I'll just try to find one that works, since this IR is from a friend and I can't give it out. I'll try to do it with an internal one, I guess. Yet another reason it'll sound different! Iknowathingortwo, it's one of these: http://roninguitars.com/ It's the Kingbird.
  4. I already posted that on the FB group, so I'm likely just spamming you. If you're not in the FB group...well, it's a cool group! But my questions are: if I were to make the preset available, would I just attach it to this thread? Also, do people tend to tweak presets into a more normal form prior to publishing them? Mine has plenty of quirks that wouldn't carry over to what others do, not the least of which is a 3rd party IR. (That clip uses the helix for effects only, although the preset has an amp in the chain.) Part of me thinks people will get the preset and think, "what is this crap?" Shouldn't I make it more universally-applicable and, for example, cut out my effects loops?
  5. My Helix controls an H9. I want one switch to change the H9 to preset 1, another switch to change to preset 2, and if neither is on, I'd like EITHER (1) the H9 to be bypassed or preferably (2) the Helix effects loop that the H9 is IN to be bypassed. Maybe this is because I don't understand MIDI very well, but I know I could just have the Helix's loop permanently on and send the BYPASS command to the H9, but I don't see how to have a single switch send multiple MIDI commands (namely, the PC command to change to [e.g.] preset 1, the command to UN-bypass the H9, and [upon turning the switch to the off position] the command to bypass the H9). Alternatively, if I could just get two different Helix switches to turn the Helix effects loop on/off (that is, 2 switches controlling the same exact effect in the signal chain), then I'd be set. But I don't think the Helix can do that. I'd love some help with this!
  6. It is different. The courtesy jack has a maximum capacity. That's why the manual warns "do not plug your amp into the courtesy jack!"
  7. A search of this forum and Google hasn't yielded a firm answer on this question, since no one seems quite sure what the max current draw of the Helix is. Past threads about it are dead ends. But can anyone confirm for sure whether one can reliably power the Helix from a pedal power's courtesy outlet?
  8. By a mile, the pedal I'd most want to have emulated is the POG/HOG. No one does a pitch shifter that sounds the same. Most have that Eventide tone (which is fine). The POG is just...special.
  9. suckamc

    My Helix video

    Confession time: how would I do that?
  10. suckamc

    My Helix video

    Thank ya, sir. The machine is rather inspiring.
  11. suckamc

    My Helix video

    Not sure if I've even posted in this forum before. I've just been cruising around because I got my Helix on Sunday and, in all honestly, am blown away by it. I wrote a song 'bout it. Wanna hear it? Here goes...
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