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Found 2 results

  1. Is it possible to create a freeze effect like how the superego works? Its one of my favorite pedals but i still have to have it as a side car because i don't know how to replicate it with my helix yet. Thoughts on execution or preset starting points welcome!
  2. Electro Harmonix is releasing yet another pedal in their line of <type>9 effects, the Mel9. If you're unfamiliar, check out the videos for the Mel9, Key9, C9, and B9. These things are crazy cool. Limited use, perhaps, but incredibly cool. And of course, they've got the older classics, POG, POG2, HOG, Micro and Nano POG...Pitchfork...maybe one or two more? I didn't submit an IdeaScale for the Mel9, because there are already several for other variations, but this is a line of pedals that I would pay to add on to my Helix. Yes, I would gladly pay for an add-on pack to a $1500 unit that gave me some of these effects. If there isn't the specific fuzz pedal you want on the Helix, you can substitute one of the existing models and have something similar. Same with reverbs, delays, and so on. But there's nothing that can get you the sounds of the Mel9, Key9, etc. Even the octaver in the Helix, which is pretty good, is just not up to the standards of the POG line (in my opinion). Glenn D has a decent organ patch, but he made an entire patch for that and it still isn't in the same league as the B9/C9. So here's my suggestion, which will probably get me mocked, ridiculed, and downvoted. (Is downvoting a thing here?) They have a head-start and they've already nailed this stuff. You can't catch up. So work with EHX, license their code, and sell add-ons for the Helix that contain these effects. They've got this style of effect down. They know what they're doing, and they've clearly got a generic code base that does the tracking for them to use in all these separate pedals. There are two reasons I would pay for this: 1) I don't think it would ever be possible to get it done without licensing the code from EHX. 2) They're very niche effects. Not so much the generic octave sound, but the B9/C9/Key9/Mel9 definitely are. It's a lot of development effort, even if you license the effects, for such a niche effect. (To be clear, I am not claiming it would be simple to implement these from the coding side, even if you license their codebase. I understand it's built on a different platform and would not be something you could just drop in. But there's got to be math and formulas and so on that you could pull out and refactor for your code, right? Or sub-contract their developers to work on your system...) Side note: having just sold my Boss SY300 to help fund my Helix purchase, I'm pretty disappointed in the synth effects on the Helix. I know the Helix can't compete with a $600 box whose soul purpose is to create synth tones, but you're still behind your old Line 6 models in this, and even things like the Zoom B3 have better synth sounds. It makes me sad. :( I really really want my $1500 multi-effects pedal to be the only pedal I use, but right now there are some areas that are lacking. Obviously, this is all subjective, just my opinion, and so on. You're free to disagree. Having said all that, I do love my Helix. :)
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