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  1. Yes indeed - same cable as Variax. I use one of those exact ones - *knock on wood* works great, and is very robust.
  2. Hey. Absolutely I am - a pair of them. They sound great - and I've compared them to a few things... Speakers actually tend to sound better when they're worked in some I find; other input would be welcome here on this sub-topic. I wouldn't hesitate to test-drive and even take a rental - I did... and bought brand new and have been working them in =]
  3. I recall someone mentioning working with one of the NX units. At my suggestion, while at my local Long & McQuade location, there was a unique opportunity to do an A/B comparison between a YX10P and one of the Friedman powered FRFR 12" cabs which had just come in on trade. The YX held its own very very well - the employee who was interested in this comparison and had been considering grabbing the Friedman instantly changed plans and went with the YX10P.
  4. If the CV doesn't work out for you, I recommend you consider the Yorkville YX10P - somewhere here on the forum I posted some details about my experiences with this model, including a comparison session with the higher-end version E10P, which on paper looked like a surefire winner, but in practice there was 'something' which didn't sound as sweet as the YX10P - my good friend likely identified it precisely when he pointed out that the crossover point is a bit different between the two, with the YX10P having a bit more ear-pleasing result. They're a simpler, less feature-rich solution as compared to the CVE-10, without a doubt. However, if the sound of the CV doesn't quite do it for you, I suggest it's worth a listen. And I'll be watching this thread to see how your CV experience goes - which could trigger a test-drive/comparison session for me. Good luck - hope it works great for you.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, I think fish95 was actually asking for something simpler; an on-screen way of long-pressing the Tap button in order to engage the tuner on the hardware. That's how I read the original post.
  6. Lightning fast! Looking to install now.
  7. For the record, to add to the data on user experiences: Two evenings ago I updated my Helix Rack/Control from v2.82 to v2.90, following the release notes' instructions to the letter (using the new HX Edit pathway to acquiring the update, etc.). It was the first time I had any real issues during an update (practically a comedy of errors which saw me re-doing the process 3 complete times); the end result was that my Helix was afflicted with the Volume Knob glitch - it wasn't controlling anything, no matter what steps I took to reboot, change the settings, etc. In fact, on the last reboot attempt I made, the volume came on sky high, higher than it had on previous reboots. There may have been other issues which I didn't even get far enough to investigate, like the tuner glitch, which I know that my good friends' Floor ended up with - he was also in the process of re-doing the installation. Last evening I simply wiped the slate clean yet again, and re-did the update procedure - important to mention, with only one difference in the methodology of the process (same computer, USB cable, port, etc. - the only functional difference being that I had to use the Updater application to re-flash after I factory reset the unit again, something that HX Edit 2.90 does not have a pathway to doing). I've not spent much time investigating the latest greatest from this new version, but I can certainly say that the REVV Purple channel amp is a fast favorite - I've already bonded previously with the REVV Red channel model as well. As is being often reported, I do believe I'm seeing the tap-tempo misbehavior issue, for which I'm looking forward to a hot fix, but in general it's not a feature I actually use all that often or critically - I generally set my tempo manually. Kudos to Line 6 for a feature-rich update, delivered during - to say the least - challenging circumstances. The end result was that it all appears to be working as expected.
  8. Hands down one of the best navigation-related updates in the history of Helix to date. I've done the same thing as the OP - as I'm certain MANY of us have... once this option became available, I absolutely immediately changed it in Global Settings to the new option.
  9. As I recall, that's the only way it has ever worked; one state is lit up, the other is dim/same colour. Interesting possible option, though I don't know if I'd want to give up any horsepower for that feature if it introduced any unintended lag anywhere else.
  10. I would implore Line 6 to do us the favor of resisting the temptation to use characters in the preset names which equate to illegal file-system characters. For instance, on the factory presets with names similar to; BAS:Whatever Something +/- Why * ... exporting those as individual files - at least on a PC's file system (I have no experience with Mac/other file systems) - will create failures/errors, because those characters cannot be used in file names - and the preset name is of course automatically used as the preset file's name. Before creating backups (wherein I do both setlist AND individual preset backups), I go into the factory setlists and re-name the ones with those types of characters (using a dash (-) instead of a colon (:) for instance, so that those individual files won't fail or cause an error/hang-up. I recommend to anyone who'll listen to make a habit of sticking to 'legal' characters for preset names. This of course is a non-issue for anyone who strictly works with setlist & full-state backups only - but if there's even a remote chance that you'll be exporting individual presets for other purposes, save yourself confusion and headaches by sticking to the 'legal' characters in your preset naming conventions.
  11. Ok - now I see it wasn't just my imagination. I have a preset which has followed along up through various firmware versions from 2.0 upward. Somewhere early on, this carefully crafted preset which, early on, had its parameters mangled in an update. I never did get it back to where it was meant to be - wasn't a huge deal, but... Once I'd put 2.81 in, I decided to test the waters by revisiting that preset in order to get it re-set to work how it originally did (it uses a couple of twin harmony blocks to create an oddball harmony section for a solo break). Got it back to where it was meant to be, saving its various states to the Snapshots and footswitch that control the parameters. Multiple tests. Moved away from the preset, then back to ensure it was saved as intended. All good. Shut down after noodling a while. Next day I went back to it; some of the assigned values were entirely different - in fact, max'd to the extremes both + and - (interval shift). I managed to convince myself that I'd somehow messed with it one time too many, and had unintentionally saved the preset in an unintended state... I was skeptical of this, but it had to be /something/... Though I don't know how I'd managed to botch it, AND recall it with expected results. When I checked it again last evening, it was still ok. But seeing other reports - like the above - of Snapshot values not saving properly, I've come back around to thinking I might not have been an error on my part after all.
  12. My pleasure. The other individual considered that 'solved' after that, having been able to get predictable and repeatable results, once getting used to the quicker press habit. Hopefully that works out the same for you. I look forward to hearing the result.
  13. ... you might find that pressing and releasing the joystick push function quicker makes it act predictably - it seems to ignore 'long' presses since v2.8x, and 'long' isn't all that long either.
  14. I was able to point someone else in the right direction with what I believe is the same behavior as you're seeing here - I believe that with the new options available for the joystick control, some internal parameters for the joystick controller functions have been adjusted. Specifically, the push straight in to select. It seems that v2.8x instructs that device to ignore any 'long' presses - and its idea of 'long' is still pretty short. But, if you tap it in and release relatively quickly, I believe you'll find the control function will work predictably. If you're willing to re-update, maybe give this a try.
  15. The start-up progress red bar - absolutely. Glad it's there. .... in the menus though, I preferred seeing the dots for some reason.
  16. For information's sake; seeing this thread, as I often do with reported oddities, I tried this signal path out to see what I could do. Helix Rack/Control running firmware 2.81 Top path, I created a signal chain of Wah (Vetta), Heir Apparent, noise gate, Fullerton Nrm, auto filter, Vintage DDL, Plateaux reverb ... only once I got the HX reverb in there did I start showing options started to be greyed out/unavailable. I added the auto filter last, just to press something else from another category in there. I suspect something else was afoot with the OP - that, or the 2.81 update addressed something critical to the oddity which the OP encountered.
  17. I agree with this thinking regarding the new bar vs. previous dot method of indicating further pages within a menu etc. I have become so accustomed to the dots that I'm having some difficulty acclimating to the red bar indicator. It seems a lot less obvious and intuitive to me if I'm being honest.
  18. MonkeyXT

    Yorkville NX25P

    I'm on record somewhere on the forum here talking about the incredible virtues of using the Yorkville YX10P with Helix - I've been doing so for a good while now, and they're outstanding. Though I haven't tried the NX25P, I'd like to think that my personal experiences with one of its related products might bode well for this one. And that price is crazy good.
  19. Further to my previous post regarding the IR switching fade-in/audible gap issue: Last evening I determined that I might do well to re-install fw 2.80 again: as I recall, the one thing that I didn't wipe was the IRs. I considered that there was a possible relocation or fragmentation causing the lag, so I did a full factory reset of all aspects, then went about putting in 2.80 again fresh. My installationS were fraught with just about every install process issue that has been reported here, things which oddly didn't happen during my initial 2.80 installation. The install failed (repeatedly), reporting the failure after having 'completed' the process (not a mid-point hang as some have been stuck at). In one instance it stalled at that half-way point, and refused to recover from that, despite various 'goosing' actions which previously worked. During re-import of my setlists (which I did individually, not as a full-state backup restore), the last one was plagued with the 'names not found' error. In one of those instances, I actually found that NONE of the presets had names - even the factory and template setlist presets (though I think the processing blocks etc were in place). That was a surprise to find after the fact. I almost want to think that this error circumstance might have been an error created by HX Edit - perhaps the large amount of memory handling in one-after-the-other fashion ultimately wasn't handled 'legally' for the OS. Ultimately I found that restarting everything fresh, and then finishing up with that one setlist, did get it in place (apparently) correctly. The kicker; no difference in IR loading/switching - when assigned to the Snapshot controller and changing the IR selection with different presets, the audible fade-in/gap was exactly the same, including when re-selecting that Snapshot. This occurred in the same fashion whether the Snapshot function was set to re-load or toggle between previous Snapshot. Simply going in and manually changing the IR causes the very same audible lag and bloom/fade-in. To reiterate; this is Helix Rack & Control, updated to firmware 2.80, hooked to an otherwise (knock on wood) well-functioning PC running Windows 7. This is the first firmware revision update to date with which I've encountered any issues. I've had it for just over 3 years and counting.
  20. That is most definitely the question. What's your hardware? I'm using Rack/Control. The original is using ... I've forgotten. I think it was Helix LT in the video... Another question; if you go to a preset which uses an active IR, and you position the 'cursor' over the IR, when changing to a different IR by scrolling with the encoder, do you hear an audible gap at that time? (I do - far more so than I did with 2.71) EDIT: further to this, my patch has none of the other known 'problem' aspects present like the LA Comp etc... it's a stripped down bare-bones patch. It didn't previously have Snapshots going for it, so I set those up specifically to test changing IRs with the Snapshot controller function. No other parameters or enable/bypass functions were happening with that patch for the test.
  21. I set up a patch to test this out using my Helix Rack & Control, running firmware 2.80. As with this video, I found the bloom/lag present. Here's more data for the bug report: The bloom audible gap happens even when the IR selected in the recalled Snapshot is the same one as the previous Snapshot. Removing Snapshot control of the IR selection instantly eliminates the gap. So, it would seem that having Snapshot control assigned to the IR selection causes a re-load of the IR when a Snapshot is called up. However, if the preset is set up so that an amp & cab are being alternated with an amp & IR combination, there's no gap when enabling the IR along with the other amp. So bypass state changing to enabled does not appear to introduce any type of audible gap. Just for information's sake.
  22. Pre-release detailed instructions posted in Support - read up to get ready.
  23. The Variac cable by Line 6 works perfectly in this scenario - I use exactly that, and it's been great for 2.5 years and onward *knock on wood*
  24. For that, simply tap (capacitive touch style, not click) the assigned footswitch until it shows the status you prefer when it's in the state you want to start with - it will alternate between the two reverbs, highlighting them. Once it's showing on/off the way you prefer, then re-save the patch.
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