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  1. Thanks for the feedback. It didn't occur to me that the two blocks could eat up all the DSP. I'll try the suggestions and upgrade to 2.81. Thanks again!
  2. I am running 2.80 on the Helix LT; Installed all the new presets and effects; Reinstalled my preset lists, and they all work just fine. The issue that I found is if I build a new preset with the Amp+Cab of Fullerton NRM followed by the Heir Apparent distortion, I can add nothing further to the signal chain. I can play the preset and modify the parameters of the two blocks, but can not add any other blocks. I haven't been through all the new Amps, Cabs, and Effects yet, so I don't know if other combinations will exhibit the same behavior.
  3. I have a Helix LT and use it with a Variax and other non-variax guitars. Setting up the preset to select the model on the variax is easy enough. However, when I am using one of the non-variax guitars, I often have to experiment to remember which pickup and tone settings to use. It would be great if short text descriptions could be added to a preset telling which pickup, tone setting, coil tapping?, etc. The text interface on the Helix itself is so basic that is wouldn't make sense to add text to a preset there. But, if a short text description could be added via HX Edit, then accessed on the Helix, well, that would be very useful. "NOTES" could live just under "Looper" on the effects list for a quick reminder as to guitar settings.
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