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  1. Looking to see if I have stuff setup correctly. I am using stomp mode (10) items. When I hit mode it brings up the presets to choose. I choose a preset and it stays in the preset mode until I hit mode again. Is there a setting that when you choose your preset it will automatically go back to stomp mode? I couldn't see one in the utilities settings.
  2. Yes. Or more IR's and combine into one. When you take the two (or more) into one you can use a single IR slot with higher res.
  3. Thanks for this. Works great. I had been using 2 IR's at lower res. I mixed the same into one and using it at higher res 2048. Works out great and easy to use.
  4. I have the CS7 version and it powers the Hx Effects with no issue along with my other pedals. Use the Line 6 adapter and you are good to go.
  5. Is there a way to have the BPM show on the screen so when you tap in you can see it? Sometimes I need to set it before the drummer begins to start in on the right tempo. I recall on the Hx effects that it jumped to it, but could be imagining things. I couldn't see a setting in utilities but may have overlooked it. If it would pop up or stay up in the upper right corner that would work for what I needed.
  6. Here is how I do it so I have effects before and after the amp. I have guitar in > Helix > FX > Loop 1 out of Helix > Front of Amp > LoadBox line out > Loop 1 back to Helix > FX, etc > XLR to FOH.
  7. bshaw92

    Helix Cabs_Mics

    Thanks for that. They use the terms static and dynamic so that answers my question. The specifics will never be answered because they won't say how. It points to the side of taking different IR shots to achieve a "dynamic" representation of the speakers and mics. Thanks.
  8. bshaw92

    Helix Cabs_Mics

    A model is a theoretical "true" representation of the actual part. It would react in theory dynamically. An IR is not a model. It is a sample at a given point and does not react dynamically. It may work great throughout the range of settings but is still a static representation.
  9. bshaw92

    Helix Cabs_Mics

    So I was looking through the forum to see if this has already been confirmed. Could not see anything, but there are a lot of pages so.... 1.) Are the Cabs and (mics) models of the actual real world counterparts or simple "screenshots" (IR's) ? With UA coming out with modeled speakers and mics I was curious if we already had this in the Helix. I have been playing with IR's for a while and lately comparing IR's in the HX Effects with an amp from a load box against 2 cabinets in the Helix using different mics. Would like to know if anyone can confirm this or not.
  10. Looking through the forum and manual I could not see clarification on verifying input levels are free from clipping. I have a tube amp running into a Weber Max 200 Load box with line out into the HX Effects. The inputs and outputs are set at line level, but since I cannot see a meter I am not sure how to check that the line level input is not near a clipping level. It doesn't sound like it is, but the load box has an adjustable level knob so I was curious how far I could push it before it starts to clip. Once into the HX it is going through a noise gate > Chorus > Flanger > Delay > Delay > Rotary > > Verb (not necessarily the order of effects) IR > FOH
  11. Thanks. That worked as I'd hoped. I'm now trying to get the switch light to be on for a specific Reverb. I've tried moving the reverbs in the path but it is on (the light that is) for the light reverb that will stay on and off (light) when the ambient cascading reverb is on. I would like this reversed....
  12. I'm trying to figure out how to use one button (all others are used) to control turning on a more pronounced ambient reverb and at the same time turning off the "standard" light reverb I have to give a little air. Is there a way to do this that anyone has tried with success? I am using stomp mode so all (6) buttons will be used up and I will have two reverb slots in the path. When I hit the button one goes on and one goes off.
  13. maybe the preset was corrupt because when I brought yours in it worked. My settings were identical in the mixer and input. I removed your effects and brought mine over and saved it. I will save these and reset to factory as likely other presets are corrupt as well.
  14. Yes, I understand this and have tried (see first file). I don't know if the right output is not working?? I will try your file. The only thing I can get to work is my second file which is sending the B output via Send. This works as I'd like the setup to work......however, if I can get the original file to work which matches your description above I can have both acoustic and electric in the looper which is handy. Right now I have moved it down to the acoustic side only.
  15. I would love for that to work - See my first file - It would allow a looper for either electric or acoustic, but I couldn't get them to separate correctly. If you (or anyone...) can look at either and see it would be great.
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