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  1. I agree with O.P no problems updating whatsoever. It took maybe 10 min to update another few min for the 7&8 reset rebuild of new presets and restore of the backup As i had all my backups done long before "spring ended" so it was just the looong wait for the 2.80 release.
  2. Oh no stay on 7 as long as you can (or as long as Line6 supports it) it is the crappy Win 10 that cause all Win problems mostly due to problem installing the new driver that is needed for the hotkeys. I dont have any issues on my win 7 machines i use a hub aswell So no reason to go to another machine for updates. Another thing is they might have zillions of protection software that wont let Line6 install it.
  3. A.f.a.i.k it only happend on some few units if everyone had that problem imagine all 1000,s of post we would have about that problem and mostly on LT i have floor. Same goes for that "new" problem on 2.81 where a few units have problem with snapshots i didnt have that either.
  4. Hmm so why dont i have a gap and many others aswell ? Is it a bug that only happens to some units or is it something else?
  5. Wow thats crazy i read somewhere someone managed to fix it by doing several FS restores I don't have that experience at all on 2.80 mine is like yours on 2.71 on my IR try out preset It does have a little drop in volym on some of the IR's but thats beacuse they didnt have the same volym as they came from diffent vendors i of course volym match the one i like best to all my other IR's so i dont have to raise the volym in the IR block in case i gonna use it on another preset..
  6. I have a preset with 8 snaps so i can audition 8 different IR quickly and it has the same "gap" as when i audiotion it using pedal edit mode Plz roll back FW and post a clip here that snapshot was faster on 2.71 than on 2.80.. You know memory is a tricky thing ask anyone who work on solving crimes..
  7. Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management I must have done something on my studio PC as i cant save on any HD than system drive
  8. Your correct it works on another machine i have it must be a permission issue on my main machine strange i thought i have gave parmission to all my drives hmm So NO BUG only user error LOL
  9. Nothing new it didnt work to save on other drives on previous firmware either in fact dont think it never worked to save on a different hd than the system drive. But i welcome if they make it possible
  10. And save preset with the 2.80 editor? (Or the existing 2.7 editor?) if i for some reason wants to go back to 2.7 or earlyer FW?
  11. The Revv and the Hermida is what i am interrested in king of tone aswell. Oh and also try to control Reaper with my feet
  12. I pay for data traffic so every kb that is used cost money so i choose bandwith as a lack of a better word english is not my native language So dl 80 mb for the updater is not so funny if it is included in the editor which i need to dl anyway in order to get 2.80 to work.
  13. So latest updater want be included in the edit app anymore? Why waste bandwith downoading this if it is included in the editor?
  14. Well they did use Mesa amps for awhile in the late 70,s They did sound like AC/DC. But my guess is that the Mesa,s didnt have that typical Marshall early 70,s late 60,s plexi sound they wanted so they did go back to Marshall
  15. Only thing i saw was "Reverse Reverb" DI also said it was in one post on "some" forum thread some weeks ago he didnt tell WHICH forum you know he post on FB aswell and maybe on other media like instagram twitter.
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