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  1. When are you gonna fix the offset tuner issue? I use the offset settings on the tuner to tune my true temperamented fretted guitar i set it up as follows Low E string = -2 A-string = 0 D-string = +2 G-string = +4 B-string = -1 High E-string = -2 If i save a backup to my computer and have ticked in all "boxes" i guess tuner is "global" and then load in that backup later on (it doesn't matter if i have upgraded the firmware or if i am on the same firmware) All offset setting i have setup works except the D-string which stay on = 0 so i always have to change it to +2 otherwise my TT fretted guitar will not be in tune I have reported it here before maybe i need to send in a ticket as it shouldnt take alot of time to fix that bug. Hope it will be fixed on the next firmware update
  2. Still present in FW 3.10 plz fix this when you got time There is some true tmepered players who use Helix dont forget us.
  3. Its for my TT guitar its essential to have an offset tuning otherwise it doesnt compensate correctly and it will sound out of tune You can tune every string to the note A if you dont have a tuner that can be programmed. I havent tried it on any of my straight fretted guitars hmm well i might have forgotten to switch from offset sometimes when i switch gtr from my TT to a straight fretted guitar But those sound so bad anyway compared to a TT fretted so it usually take 1 day or so to get use to it :)
  4. Well that disconnect issue happens on Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, and many OSX versions aswell it is a well known problem so it is not a particular OS problem so it doesnt matter if it is not compatible with Big Sur
  5. Helix Floor Tuner When i choose offset tuning and change the setting to TT Thidell Formula 1 E = -1 A = 0 D = +2 G = +4 B = -1 E = -1 And then do a backup so when i restore the backup the D is always set to = 0 instead of +2 It happens every time i do a backup (I have lots of backups as we have so few IR slots :( ) Luckily i am aware of the bug so i change the D to +2 immediately after the backup is restored.
  6. Joe Satriani used it aswell in the 80,s i think the solos to Always and some others where tracked with only the rockman.
  7. I just found out the sparkling noise and popping sounds only happens on Class A/B on Class A it is quite and way louder in volume the Class A/B seems to be stuck on a very low volume nothing happens when i turn the master volume above half the way. Well just when i write this it started to sparkle on Class A aswell for a short moment. "The sparkling noise sounds like a guitar with a bad soldering and the noise is similar the sound when you turn a tone or volume knob and the pop noise is similar to the pop sound yoy get when you switch pickup on a bad soldered switch but it is way louder on the DT" I bought this DT25 head in a music store and it was a used amp the store is located 550 miles from my home and when i tested it in the store before i bought it it sounded perfectly fine and was very loud in volume now it is edroom volume even if i turn off the low volume mode (i usually use low volume mode as i live in an apartment) so my guess is that something has happen during the shipping It wasnt packed so good only some bubble plastic those big ones with lots of air in them and also some papers around the amp and it came in a paper box it had no no styrofoam which is almost always common on new amps well i say all new electronic gear you buy. Have you heard of this issue before? I really like this amp but this issue is worst than all my Marshall heads i use to have in the 70,s and 80,s on those i could sometimes hear Russian or Polish radio stations (or was it military communications) but it was way more quite than this. Dont know if it is profitable to send it to a repair shop as that would cost about the same to what i would pay for a used one that is in good condition.
  8. I ordered a new cable 110 ohm the tubes are the original ones i dont think they ever have been changed i bought the DT 25 head second hand 3 months ago.
  9. And i guess this ones works aswell as you wrote Sovtek is preferable in this thread.
  10. I know how to do it i never done it on a hybrid amp though. And it was atleast 25 years since i did it i went all digital for long time and didnt touch my tube amp for a long time when i got my Helix i dusted it off again and then sold it and bought the DT Some newer amps dont need biasing thats why i asked.
  11. There is no autorized tech in my country so i have to do it myself. Or sell it. I could send it to an amp repeair tech but they are located very long from my home it would take weeks to get it back and the and the cost for the job and shipping is the almost half of the price i payed for the amp. I open it up and atleast the amp has the right powertubes. But i guess they needs to be replaced so i gonna order a matched pair I skip the preamptube they rarely needs to be replaced
  12. Yes i am using a DMX cable PD Connex DMX hmm the store i bought it on said 110 ohm i just googled and it says 120 ohm on some sites dont know if those 10 ohms really made a difference? As it pops and clicks when i remove the cable and plug the guitar into the input jack aswell pretty sure its the tubes What is really strange is when i tested the amp in the store some weeks before they shiped it to me (i bought it on their webshop) it didnt pop and click so it might have been the shipping hmm
  13. Not gonna order something from USA again the new added custom and taxes and shipping prices is ridiculous so i wonder if this tubes will work Or those
  14. Thanks but can those specified EH series be swapped without any biasing some new amps dont need any biasing when swapping tubes if you use the same as it was shipped with?
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