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  1. shilohlsk

    Glitz parameter

    Thansk!~ You're awesome!
  2. shilohlsk

    Glitz parameter

    Hi All, Could someone explain the "Xover" parameter under Glitz reverb? What is it actually controlling? Thanks and have a good day~
  3. Hi All, Just see if someone has the same though with me. To play a song, we might switch the pickup in order to produce the tone we want. But switching pickup while play the song is not easy or smooth to me (I don't want to pay so much attention to switch the pickup while playing a song). Helix provides the ability to switch the tone easier to players. Is someone thinking to set more amp setting for switching the tone while playing a song so that it would be not necessary to switch the pickup anymore? Thanks for your input ;) .
  4. Hi All, I just wonder why people would use dual cabs (split the distortion signal evenly into 2 cabs at the same time) for producing distortion sound. Is there any reason? Thanks for sharing. Shiloh
  5. Hi All, For guitar input setting, I will set it like this: Input gate: on (to prevent unnecessary noise/sound) Threshold: -48 (same as default) Decay: 750ms Guitar In-Z: (not understand what is it about) For decay setting, something, I would like to have more sustain (e.g using overdrive and distortion), so I make it 750ms. Does it suppose to use it as this way? Thanks Shiloh
  6. Thanks for all your sharing. I feel a bit more confident in Line 6's backpack
  7. Hi all, Any good suggestion of backpack beside Line 6's one (good protection and able to handle this heavy stuff)? I believe it would be better to carry this on my back rather with my hands......it's too heavy...^^" According to my experience, it's too difficult for me to carry this with my hands. I tried for 6 months already. Thanks~
  8. Good to read~ Wow, great site of sharing. Thanks!
  9. By the way, I have I more question while I'm using Distortion effect. While using distortion effect, should I setup the amp as clean as possible (you know, high drive and master in amp will make dirty sound as well)?
  10. I just simply use to line to connect my Mackie MR6MK3, this monitor is just a simple monitor and I only adjust the volume control
  11. Hi All, I found that some amp blocks have the parameter of "presence". Actually, what does it use for? or how it change the tone? Thanks for your input!
  12. Thanks for your input, useful! I'm still exploring the Helix, so many time to learn and try. ha
  13. Hi All, I have some questions for setting the Amp & Cab blocks for non-dirty effects (that means not over-drive & distortion kind of sound). Here is my setup: Guitar-->Helix (effects-->Amp-->Cab)-->FRFR monitor Sometimes, I have to use the clean sound with the effect of compressor, delay or reverb. But I found confuses to get the clean sound out of Helix. As I turn the "drive" meter up to 3.0, I can hear dirty sound, but if I turn it below 3.0, the output volume is too small... So, could someone advice how I should setup the amp for non-dirty sound? Thanks for your sharing. Have a nice day! Shiloh
  14. Hi All, I'm thinking using DI box for Helix. I know Helix has XLR out to mixer. But the manual tell us that mixer should not provide phantom power to Helix. However, other instruments might need the phantom power from mixer meanwhile, therefore, for this case, I can't use XLR cable for connecting Helix and mixer. To use TRS cable for connecting Helix and mixer, the length of TRS cable can't be too long. Therefore using a DI box between Helix and mixer is a good way to do so. 1. Which type of DI box works best with Helix (active or passive)? 2. Does someone familiar with Radical DI products? I just need a DI box for connection Helix and Mixer (no amp or cab effect by the DI box as I will use the amp and cab effect from Helix). For connection will be like this: Guitar-->Helix (effects, amp, cab)-TRS->DI Box-XLR->Mixer Thanks for your help. Shiloh
  15. Thanks for your responses, very useful! Actually, I will use the FRFR speaker for my home practice, so I will go for studio monitor which is quite small and the budget should be ok. Thanks a lot!
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