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  1. kotaroz1971

    Helix Bug Reports

    Bug Is Bug....if this problem came from different volume .. FW 2.71 must have this gap too.but it's only in 2.8.
  2. kotaroz1971

    Helix Bug Reports

    same as you upgrade .But you can use new line6 updater from FW 2.8.Just open updater then choose 2.71.
  3. kotaroz1971

    Helix Bug Reports

    OK Let's see.
  4. kotaroz1971

    Helix Bug Reports

    FW 2.8.When use IR select by snapshot.It make sound gap between change snapshot. But 2.71 have not and change faster.
  5. kotaroz1971

    GAP between change snapshots Firmware 2.80

    I Found my big lag time came from IR Select by snapshot.split 1one IR 2048 Block to two IR 1024 Block and use on/off switch can help.But i can use only 2 IRs.
  6. kotaroz1971

    GAP between change snapshots Firmware 2.80

    i found this problem too.
  7. kotaroz1971

    Helix Bug Reports

    After update FW 2.3 i can't find note sync on LFO bse mod effect.