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  1. UP!!! we need more synth stuff and poly pitch shifting!!
  2. Anyone else with this same problem? I'm going to upload a example video, hopefully they can solve it
  3. Same here, hum noise with pasive pickups, dimarzio evos N and B (with cooper shield), dimarzio crunch lab, dimarzio d activator X, and others seymoud duncans. All pasive pickups have noise hum. EMG 81, 85, 60, 60A, 89 without hum. My helix LT has upgrade fw 2.80 -> 2.82 -> 2.90 -> 2.91 ->2.92 all new fw versions have HUM previous version 2.70: not have hum GROUND - LIFT XLR button is not working too obviously have correct ground from power cord and tested. with others pedals (hd500x, zoom g5 or direct to amp) not have hum in passive pickups with same power cord.
  4. It's lag, 2.80 doesn't turn off instantly blocks, these are still sounding for a while.
  5. I have the same issue with pasive pickups (dimarzio, Seymour Duncan and other 3 guitars). Active emgs not have hum.
  6. I have the same problem in 2.80. This not happens in 2.71
  7. Yesterday, I will update my helix LT from firmware 2.71 to 2.80. All is fine, but now, I have gap between change snapshots in diferent signal chain (dirty in up, clean in down). My metod, change volume to -120 and end of the chain, for inactivate dirty or clean channel. Now in 2.80, this change is not in real time. (fade in or fade out to apply change, bug I think) Please help. Thanks.
  8. I use simple pitch to drop tunning (all strings) of my guitar, mix 100% to move E standard to Eb standard, D standard, ETC... Now with lot of artifacts..
  9. I have a real TS 808 from ibanez and use it in fx loop before of my favorite amps. Days before, in my local music store, i try the precision drive vs my 808, with this personal opinion: - 808 is more middle, more bass - Precision Drive, more tight and has more headroom (because as much more volume), and respect to definition of sound is far superior. I try your instructions, but not have the same results :( thx for your quickly answer!! regards!
  10. Srs. Line 6 I like so much my helix!!, and thanks for your constantly effortless on new updates, firmwares and software. Respect to my topic, on the future, is possible an emulation of misha mansoor signature pedal "precision drive from horizon devices"?. Is super cool to play modern metal, rock and the versatile attack pot increase unlimited tone options. Respect to new 2.50 fw, please, add new subdirectories for legacy and others old effects. Is very important in a time the create new patches. Thanks for all and excuse my english... (I from Chile) Greetings.!!
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