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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I just got a brand new POD GO yesterday, but on turning it on I find NO factory presets built in. ALL the banks and patches are empty and their name is displaying "new preset". Further more, when I connect it to my PC and open the POD GO Edit software, the software seems to not be able to read the POD GO's memory bank and gives an error "Failed to get preset names. Device has not been initialized properly. . I'm attaching the screenshot for my POD GO Edit software. Please help.
  2. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a modulation that would make the pedal work much like a tremolo bar - I know there is a simple pitch tone and that could be set to change by the pedal - but it seems it would be easier to take the guitar tone and drop it this way someone without a tremolo bar could get the effect from the Helix thanks for considering
  3. so as a new customer i was wondering if there was a way to download pod farm or gear box instead of using the disk included in the product
  4. Hi guys! I recently purchased a Line 6 Helix! After months of reading information online and also getting an amazing hands-on demo with a Line 6 representative in a music store close to home here in Melbourne, Australia! This unit cannot be praised enough in my opinion. I love how much color and variety its given my tone on the Dingwall and Its really refreshing seeing all of these regular firmware updates. Look forward to talking to you all over time. Best regards
  5. Hi All, I've finally gone and bought a Line 6 Helix, which i'm picking up tomorrow with a Yamaha DBR15 speaker. In preparation for the equipment tomorrow i've been downloading any updates required for the software and noticed it was at 2.30 for the Helix and wondered do I need to download all the previous updates before installing the 2.30 or can I just download 2.30 and receive all of the FX and Amps from the previous updates at the same time? Sorry for possibly such a simple question, but i'm eager to get everything installed straight away and get playing! :) Thank you in advance! PhenJ
  6. Hi all New guy here to both Line 6 and the HD500x. Not interested in using the presets and I would like to get right into creating my own tones, using the modeling features to their fullest potential. What are the best resources (vids/tutorials etc.) to start with? Thanks! :)
  7. Hi everyone, I purchased the Line 6 Amplifi a couple months ago and it's been quite enjoyable. I've just started playing guitar so I find the pre-set tones that users have created to be very helpful as a beginner as I don't know the amp settings for a lot of songs. My main problem is that a lot of songs I want to play don't have tones already created or haven't been made by the community yet. Or they are quite low rating. So my question is, how do I create my own amp settings for songs I want to play? As I'm a beginner, I'm very unfamiliar with creating amp settings as I don't know is needed and it's hard for me to replicate a sound by ear. I'm a big fan of Muse and I want to play some of their songs such as: Supermassive black hole Stockholm Syndrome Showbiz New Born And various others. Some of these don't have any tones created and others have low ratings so I'm wondering how I can create my own? The manual isn't brilliant for this amp so I'm uncertain whether I can download a tone from online. Does anyone have any suggestions on how a beginner can create their own tones for songs? Thank you.
  8. I was looking for a tobacco sunburst JTV-59 but had a terrible time locating one in a local store anywhere from Seattle to Portland. Online retailers (Musician's Friend, Sweetwater, etc.) kept going out of stock every time I was ready to order. I finally got one from Full Compass, which I have not dealt with since the 90's. I was worried about missing the rebate window while waiting for stock to be renewed. The model I got was priced at $999, less the $150 mail-in rebate. But I expected it to be new, and the one I got had scuffs on the gig bag (could be from shipping), minor scratches on front and back, dust around frets, above nut, and in cutaways. Also, my serial number indicates it was made 3 years ago. Makes me think this was a demo model, but it was not sold that way. I am feeling a bit ripped off, and debating whether I should return it and ask for a new one. Everything works like it should. I noticed that Sweetwater (the only retailer I know who shows actual pics and serial numbers of their stock) has had older serials on their last 6 or so JTV-59s. Were these discontinued? Line 6 website doesn't mention that. I know Yamaha acquired a majority ownership in Line 6 almost a year ago. Are they selling through old stock in preparation for releasing something new? I know Line 6 can't really answer that, I'm just trying to figure out what to do here. I really love the JTV-59, the way it plays and looks. I could probably clean off the dust and ignore the scratches, but can't forget that I paid the price of a new one for it and it's 3 years old!
  9. Just unpacking my new HD500X and in the plastic bag I found a plastic cap about 3/4 inch diameter, loose in the bag. It looks like it could cover the Variax input or an input of similar size. Any idea where it belongs? It's not a rubber foot, there is nothing missing from the bottom of the pedal board. Thanks, Mike
  10. I hear its true that the new series of 2013 JTV's have the previous issues fixed? Is This true? IE? Is the switching problem fixed on the JTV-59? The neck on the 69? Thanx
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