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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I'll put it on the Variax input, as noted. Mike
  2. Just unpacking my new HD500X and in the plastic bag I found a plastic cap about 3/4 inch diameter, loose in the bag. It looks like it could cover the Variax input or an input of similar size. Any idea where it belongs? It's not a rubber foot, there is nothing missing from the bottom of the pedal board. Thanks, Mike
  3. I know that there are some interface inputs and outputs on the HD Pro X that are not on the HD500X because I now own a Pod HD Pro. I'm not trying to compare the old HD Pod Pro to the new HD 500X, but would like to ask the following: Comparing the HD500X to the HD Pod Pro X are the processing capabilities equal. In other words, I know there are some added "features" in the Pod Pro X, but I'm speaking here just about the proccessor(s), dynamic levels, noise ratios, etc. On that level is it the same electronics or does the HD Pro X have better electronics because it's more for studio use? Thanks, Mike
  4. When I purchased my Pod HD Pro, I purchased the FBV Shortboard (recommended), and the Line6 EX1 expression pedal (recommended, it says Line6 right on the pedal) and it's never worked unless I plug it into the FBV after it is powered up. Or, you can power up, then unplug the EX1, wait a few seconds and then plug it back in and it will work. I experimented for a while on the setup with the same results. It works fine if you do what I say above, but you have to do that each time. After a while I just accepted that fact. Mike
  5. Thanks for looking at this Karl.
  6. My POD HD Pro is not that old and I see they have released the HD Pro X. Is there any way to upgrade the Pro to the Pro X? The Pro X looks like the same panel front and back, except with more processing power. I would even pay a modest price to upgrade. It beats replacing the whole unit.
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