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  1. archtopeddy


    I'd made the suggestion about a looper through IdeaScale shortly after the Amplifi amps first came out. However, there hasn't been any development by Line 6. The other day, I received the following idea by Carlos. It's a good one -- check it out. It seems that Line6 is not very active in developing Amplifi Utility anymore. For those of you owning an iOS device, I suggest the use of Yamaha THR Session app. It can slow down any song in steps (not just 50% like the Amplifi Utility) while keeping the intonation, loop A/B playback and (sometimes amazingly) lower or rise the volume of guitars inside a recording. You don't need to have a THR amplifier to use it... AND IT'S FREE. Any metronome app will do for metronome practice. For Android users... bad news. I think that "Amazing slow downer" is an alternative, although not for free. Thanks Carlos for the suggestion! AE
  2. It could be your amp is older and doesn't have the proper firmware upgrade. Make sure you have the correct firmware (1.1). Check this thread (particularly toward the end) for more info:
  3. Thanks Tony for the official Line 6 input on this topic. I'd say that settles the matter.
  4. Thanks fellas for your responses. SpiderJam, congrats on getting an iPhone 6 plus. Please keep us abreast on how it works with the 6 plus when you receive it. And thanks bhamnerky for info about v1.30. If anyone else has inputs about IOS8, please share! It will ultimately affect all of us using apple mobile devices. Thanks!
  5. With the new IOS8 out now, has anyone upgraded their iphone? Any affect on using AMPLIFI and the app? Thanks!
  6. Follow these steps: - Synch bluetooth and AMPLIFI amp via AMPLIFI app - VIa the AMPLIFI app, find the Tone you want (Acoustic bank 11, in your case) - Tap on the circled arrow at the end of the Tone name. The app will take you to the editor screen of the Tone you want. - Tap on "Save Info", and Save. -- Sometimes the Save isn't highlighted. If that's the case, put your cursor at the end of the name of the tone after Title*, backspace and delete the last letter to the name and then replace the letter you just deleted. This should now let you save the Tone. -- Save to My Tones -- Go back to My Tones, find the Tone you just saved, select it so it's highlighted with a red banner and then select Save to Hardware -- Select ABC or D from Bank 1 This should do it.
  7. I put off ordering a cover for my 150 because I wasn't sure if I would keep it or trade down to a 75. In the end, I decided to keep the 150 so I ordered a LeCover for it. I want to let you know I'm very happy with it. I ordered a beige colored cover with 1/2 inch padding. It feels very thick and protective, and it's very smart looking. I ordered mine with an extra 1/4 inch of material in width and depth so that it could slip easily over the amp (which it does). The material is thick enough to hold its shape when on the amp. I also ordered a back pocket to use for the power cord and a guitar cord. The back pocket look great, is the full size of the entire back, and doesn't take away from the clean cover design. Additionally, it provides another 1/2 inch worth of padding on the back side of the amp. Given that this amp has a plastic case that's easily scratched, I've been reluctant to take it to gigs. The amp's mainly been a "home" amp where it gets a lot of use. Thanks to this cover, I now feel comfortable transporting it to gigs and practices.
  8. I have the 150. I do not get a pop -- loud or otherwise -- when I turn on my amp.
  9. Hi fellas, I have a few quick questions here. Can I change banks in the Amplifi via my iphone/ipad app without having a WIFI connection? (I'm not talking about any of the other app features which require WIFI. I'm only referring to changing banks.) I guess another way to put it is... Is changing banks a bluetooth function or a WIFI function? And... does Bluetooth work without WIFI? Thanks for any clarification.
  10. Thanks for the EQ info, however, these -- and all others I've seen -- seem to be mp3 track or program (i.e., iTunes) specific. Does anyone know of any iphone/ipad app that lets you EQ the output from the devices regardless of whether it's an mp3 track, Pandora, or Spotify, etc., Something that can just sit in the background and sends out an EQ'd sound for whatever sound is outputting from your iphone/ipad device.
  11. I started having this or a similar problem a couple of weeks ago. For several months, I used my Amplifi 150 and iPhone app with no connection problems. Then one day, I opened the app and it immediately flipped over to a big "red" sceen requiring me to first log into my Line 6 account. I tried logging in but it wouldn't recognize my account info. I turned everything off, rebooted both the amp and iPhone and then it would let me log in and connect the app to amp. The next time I used the amp, the same thing happened. Eventually, -- no matter how much rebooting I did -- it wouldn't let me in at all. So, feeling at a wit's end, I deleted the app from my phone and reloaded it from the app store. Surprisingly, it worked fine after that! I was afraid I'd lose all my settings and tones, but at least in my case, they were all still there. I haven't had a problem since then (fingers crossed...) AE
  12. Not sure if this is what you're looking for since "loud" is relative to the listener's needs and expectations, however, if you want to balance the guitar vs music, go to the main page of the remote app and adjust the "Level". Bring up the overall and/or lower the guitar.
  13. For your thought "2)", please vote for this at IdeaScale which I think covers why you're suggesting: An AB looping function during playback of tracks would make the app much more useful for working on licks/songs. Thanks! AE Add AB looping during song playback
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