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  1. I've updated my iPad Air to 8.02. I've noticed no new issues, works just like before as far as I can tell, but I'm not a hard core AMPLIFi user. I'll be trying AMPLIFi out my iPhone 6 Plus when it arrives though.
  2. This happens with my iPad more often than I would like. I seems that AMPLIFi Remote looses the Bluetooth connection easily. I am able to stream music to the AMPLIFi amp, but AMPLIFi Remote has lost it's connection and preset downloads and tone changes no longer work. This is easy to verify in AMPLIFi Remote(iPad). On the left menu in AMPLIFi Remote, there is an AMPLIFi 75 block between Tone Search and Editor. If the AMPLIFi entry does not have the word "Connected" underneath along with the Bluetooth icon just to the right, then AMPLIFi Remote has lost its connection to the amp. Preset and tone downloads no longer work. To correct this, I have to go back to Settings\Bluetooth for the iPad, select to "Forget" the Amplifi device, turn off/on the amp, select the Bluetooth connect button on the amp. After it reconnects, go back into AMPLIFi Remote and shortly it will recognize the amp again. Very annoying. :(
  3. Got the replacement amp. Same exact popping sound at turn on. Looks like I'm just going to have to live with it. :(
  4. The amp pops the speaker at turn on when it's been off for a short time, with or without a guitar cable connected. I've also tried it powered through a Furman power supply and it still pops. Looks like I will be swapping it out. :(
  5. I've had my AMPLIFi 75 for a couple of days now. Over all I like it, but every time I flip the power switch to turn it on I get a loud pop from the speaker. Does anyone else have this issue? If this is not the norm, I'm going to go through the hassle of swapping it for another one. Thanks.
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