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  1. All of the banks are empty except #01 ?? makes me wonder if you did the factory reset on the amp after the amps firmware upgrade completed? All the banks after bank 01 should not be empty, you will have some empty slots way down into the banks I forget somewhere past the accoustic tones past bank 27 but you should have many banks populated, each with 4 tones. To factory reset hold down the big volume knob and tone button together during a power on. BE WARNED though.. if you do that you will lose any custom tones you saved to hardware as its going to factory reset over them. You can protect any of your custom tones by saving to Mytones and maybe that is where you already have them for safekeeping. When you tap the Amplifi "amp" icon on the main IOS Amplifi app page you should see many banks and 4 tones each in them, again way near the end are some empty banks where I have saved some of the first four factory tones in bank 01 and then put my fav tones in the 01 A/B/C/D as I will grab and go at times without a shortboard.
  2. Hey pappywatts I am having trouble finding that exact bag on ebay and the picture link alone does not seem to help. If it is not against the rules please post a link to it here as I want to buy one for a 75 I just picked up or provide any more descriptive ebay search info that might help find it. I have tried Harrison's Store and Boss, Boss New York and nothing is coming up. There are so many bags it could take days to find without more info.
  3. That is what I thought too, but try this; hit bank up twice then hit A or B or C or D very quick. Not sure if best way but works for me and I have both a 150 and 75 now (and I just got done upgrading the 75 to v1.01 and testing it fully today) and works on both of them, 75 and 150 this way. Maybe you only have to hit bank up once and the A, B, C or D quickly, try it both ways. I am fairly certain I hit bank up or bank down twice and then hit A, B, C or D very quick. Once done your in that bank with all four tones selectable via A, B, C, D. I kind of do not even think about it any more and I have shutdown now today.
  4. I got this on my 150 with shortboard mkii plugged in. I was saving one of the tones from the 05 bank A tone to MyTones. Then went into MyTones and tried to save to hardware to put it in 01 bank tone A (wanted it there incase no Amplifi app up or shortboard mkii plugged in while using the amp) and I got this too: Hardware not responding, repeatededly for that matter. So, I turned off the Amplifi 150, turned back on, now bluetooth would not connect no matter what I did on the Iphone or Amplifi. So I turned off and back on the Amplifi 150 w/shortboard mkii still plugged in, turned off the Iphone completely, turned Iphone (5s) back on, then logged back in to the Amplifi app on the Iphone and connected ok with bluetooth. Then went into MyTones, selected the tone and in MyTones at top selected Save to Hardware then it presented all the banks I tapped 01 bank tone A on the iphone and it showed up there the name of the new tone, then I hit Done on the right upper corner and it did it. I powered all off and back on several times to make sure this was not a fluke and it was persistantly there in 01 bank tone A. Thing is I can't say what fixed it/worked-a-round it, all I can say is I had this problem persistantly and was able to do these things above to get this done. So unclear if this will help others. I think turning the Iphone off completely had the most to do with fixing this or work-a-round what was occuring anyway... I will test this again a few more times and report here again if it occurs or if I can find a gauranteed fix/work-a-round vs. dumb luck fix/work-a-round. Forgetting and relearning and re-pairing bluetooth, logging out of Amplifi app and then logging back in, turning Amplifi 150 on and off - these things did nothing to resolve this non-connecting bluetooth or save to hardware. Try killing the Amplifi app completely on your IOS device or power IOS device off and on or perhaps your not doing it as I did. You will have to relogin to the Amplifi app of course after power on and off on IOS device. Even with no shorboard mkii you should still get bank 01 and A, B, C, D as save to slot options in the Amplifi app. Also hitting the Done is rather a key point in the process. Sorry I can only say what I did above and hope it helps. Will post again if I can provide a more clear fix/work-a-round. My point though, it does work/did save to hardware for me and I am on the latest for IOS version on Iphone 5s, Amplifi app and Amplifi firmware with a no hum with shortboard 150 now.
  5. I just will report I am getting a response to my problem now from Line 6 Support. I asked the forum how the repaired items come back from Line 6 which I think is a reasonable question for the forum.... but I am going to send it in for the fix and hope for the best. This is the first of two 150's I need. I think I will have to try the second one to see if it has the issue, it was said they know what it is so at some point there should be inventory showing up without this issue. I need two, one to keep locally and one to be remote where I practice. If anyone knows what serial number kicks off the 150's without this issue please do respond here at the forum with that info. If complaining is not liked or misplaced I understand but my ticket did disappear and now Line 6 said why.
  6. The Line 6 website is bad enough. Open a support ticket, you will need registered product, which I do have. Once done you will be able to open a support ticket. My ticket open sent an email to me saying would be responded to in three days, upon login three days later I see my ticket is gone and no email came to me about this. I have now opened another ticket. Perhaps Line 6 does not understand that we can dump their products in a heartbeat on Ebay and walk away to find another place to buy our music gear? What kind of treatment of customers is this... Biting my wrist in agnst already and havn't even sent my product in to Line 6 for repair yet? I have hum in Amplifi 150 when FBV Express MKii is plugged in and I want it fixed by Line 6 not some local shop. I have seen the pile of amps all piled on top of eachother for repair that occurs here in my local amp repair shops. Might as well throw it off a cliff as that is how it will look after the repaired amp comes back from a local shop. The Amplifi 150 is rather elegant looking. I would like to get it back looking near to as sent in. I have sent pictures of "the sad pile of repair amps, many in the $2K range..." to others in Nashville. I can only hope Line 6 treats products, their products in for repair, better than this. If stuff sent in to Line 6 comes back all beat up and scratched up someone let me know now and I will put this one up on Ebay right now instead of sending in. As it is Line 6 seems to rebuff support by their dirty little website practices. Today I also created a rediculous support profile that asks all about my operating system and cpu type and speed I am using. I hope having that helps even though has nothing to do with my problem. This is my first experience with Line 6 in this regard and I AM NOT LIKING IT now so far...its and epic fail. Appears to me if you open a support ticket you better log back in quick within a few days to see what is going on with it! And now I get that and will after the slap in the face Line 6. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER, does that even resonate with you Line 6?
  7. Just did an Ipad mini test not sure of ipad mini version the one right before the retna mini came out. This had prior IOS version prior to 7.1.1 and Amplifi app 1.01 was still on it and worked surprisingly without any odd errors upon login. It would not update to the new Amplifi app, wifi on, app store autoupdate on but would not do it. So updated IOS on this ipad mini to 7.1.1 very soon after it updated the Amplifi app. Verified the new app was on it 1.01.1 and logged in and worked fully OK so far. This is the lowest end ipad mini you can buy wifi only. Hope it helps ipad users but it is just a slightly less than year old ipad mini bought brand new.
  8. Updated and working on my iphone 5s too with latest IOS. Off the fence and "back In". If you like your Amplifi you can keep your Amplifi...its a keeper again. No problems found.
  9. Update - forget what I said, I don't know what is causing this. My iphone updated Amplifi app crashes, so I used my sons Ipad Mini (non retna model) to try out the new Amplifi app, I got this very error there now multiple times Failed With Error 15877 (no Token!)I do not know what line 6 did but the hole they have dug seems even deeper now, include ipad which has issues and iphone of course where the app just crashes. I am waiting for the iphone fix too but the ipad now seems to have issues as well from my viewpoint. If it didn't sound as good as it does by now my Amplifi would be up on Ebay...but as it is I have 4 good presets stored in my amp, at least. If this kind of things keeps up however, I for one, am jumping ship. I don't care if I have to take a loss, I do not keep stuff that doesn't work well even if it was needed to solve a partiular need/problem. Only saving grace is it sounds fantastic, if they change that, then I am out.
  10. On my Amplifi 150 with Korg Beat Boy not loud enough on Aux in using headphone out. Laptop is better but still not enough. Picked up an iboost 800 and that made a big difference. Now I can crank up some youtube tunes even and blast them via the Aux in with the iboost pusing it harder and get enough volume and low end to get complaints from those a few floors up in the house. To tune this up since it could use an equalizer, I choose in W7x64 sound setting for equailzer and "club" setting and that cut some of the too much low end and was just right. So a line level amp with an equalizer would be the thing to really have for this. The bass out of the 150 is just what I need however as I am making up for no bass player at times. Backing tracks custom mixed purchased from a karoke sight sound great now. I use this to make up for a missing band member during a jam and now the volume is where it should be for the custom backing tracks. Not trying to sell any products here, just solving my problems for my specialized need, wish the iboost (a nice little box by the way) amplified even more but it did the trick, enough to get complaints when tested this way at home and the Amplifi red volume band is only 1/4 up on its dial. Will see soon how it works with my loud drummer but I think it will because now the aux is kicking some serious volume. I will replace the iboost with a line level amp with equalization as soon as I can find that better solution. No wierd static, no impedance issues so as of today happy with what the iboost does especially when used with a laptop audio source for the 150's aux in.
  11. I do not have a solution per se' but will tell what I know based on my exerience with this same error. Used my son's Ipad mini and never got this error ever. His Ipad mini had tunes on it bought via Itunes. So he had some songs on it and I am just pointing that fact out. I got a new Iphone, had no itunes songs myself and it always got this same error you mentioned, even so the Amplifi App would work but no tunes to tone match against. Log in on Iphone, get this error then I think I said OK and then the Amplifi App worked despite it. I had MyTones to select from as I started first using my sons Ipad mini which did tone match given it had tunes on it. Didn't seem to be caused by the Iphone's bluetooth or wifi being off and I always had wifi turned on before launching Amplifi app. But I did these two things and not sure which may have fixed it as doesn't occur for me any longer on the Iphone. 1) bought one itunes song. 2) enabled the Amplifi App to use cellular data. If I had to say which fixed it probably having an Itunes song on the Iphone. I don't get the error any more on the Iphone and never ever got it on my sons Ipad mini. My son has his own Itunes account for his Ipad mini. I would think Line 6 support would know exactly what is causing this, perhaps open a support issue with Line 6. If you have no tunes buy at least one and see if that fixes this.
  12. Just reporting that I decided to return the FBV Express MKii and ordered a shortboard instead. It sounds like a ground loop hum to me but not knowing any techincal details I don't want to risk my 150. I have found a few Spider amp posts that also talk about hum as soon as the Express is plugged in, but no resolution for them either. Seems when the complainer doesn't respond in time they close the support case. Since no one opened a case for the Express, me too in that... I will go the route of least resistance. I don't like a big plus size floor board and preferred the Express size board, hopefully the shortboard in the flesh won't be all that big. None in the stores, had to order it on line.
  13. Found this, why this info is so buried, I just do not get it, should be easist info to find! There is a switch under the front of the expression pedal. I have pressed on it but I guess it requires massive downward pressure to activate. Oh joy I can try out the wah now, which is why I wanted the Express in the first place. The hum is no big deal, just like having a tube amp sitting there, I know it should not hum but its something I can accept if the wah works.
  14. Absolutely raged on my 150, no buzzes or rattles. Went so far I have a lot of other things accross the room buzzing like crazy so I had help to spot and assure nothing coming from this 150. Perhaps there are good ones and bad ones. I am not using a tele or strat or single coils, heavy low end used with dark guitar with high end humbuckers and emgs too. Played it like a raging high gain stack was in the 150. Now usually the drums are rattling so bad there are going to be buzzes and rattles in a live situation or even practice. I can see where recording with buzzing would be a problem. Beat it to death trying and no buzzes as I too wanted to be sure.
  15. Picked up an Express MKii floor unit. With the 150 there is a hum I would say no worse than a large tube head sitting there idling type hum. Worked great for A,B,C,D presets and the tuner and as Volume Pedal. Volume Pedal seems to be the default, midi CC settings are right for Wah but can't seem to get it to become a Wah, even with a tone preset on via Ampliiy App that has a Wah turned on and Volume turned off and then that preset selected. Wah can't be moved in position like others can in the app. Does this App my tones preset have to be stored to the amp before the Wah will work? What is the trick to get the Express to go into Wah mode with Wah LED on and all? To solve hum via 75 is not a solution unless you like the smaller cab and smaller speaker. Playing high gain enough the hum is not bad but not being able to seem to get Wah to work is a problem. Any help on how to get Wah to work/get Express to act in Wah mode? I might keep and not return the Express floor unit if if the wah would work...
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