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  1. In general, the 150 sounded great, but I just get the feeling that it's not ready for primetime yet. Returned it yesterday and picked up a Fender Mustang III. After having the Spider III and the Amplifi, the Fender is a breath of fresh air. For the price point, it seems a much more serious piece of gear. And they have an actual manual! ;-)
  2. Wanted to look a little further into the hum issue, to see if I wanted to keep this amp. Went to the local GC to do some comparison testing with my MKII, the store's MKII, Shortboard, 150 and 75. In summary, there appears to be a design issue with the Express/150 combination that shows itself as a light hum when the pedal is connected. It is not present with the Shortboard/150, nor is it present on the 75 with either pedalboard.
  3. Just picked up the 150 on Friday, and am trying to decide if it will meet my needs. In general, it sounds like a great idea, but may not be ready for prime time yet. Hopefully the limitation of a single preset bank on board can be updated through a future firmware update, to make it more gig-friendly. A couple of questions for you guys who may have more hands-on experience with it than I... 1) When I plug in a FPV Express MKII, I hear a low hum. Has anyone else noticed this? 2) With the app docked, only the volume on the pedal works. To be able to select presets, you must undock the app. Is this correct?
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