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  1. Agree with many people - just updated Amplifi75 to the new firmware and can't connect worth a damn. Created new BT connection, have power cycled and rebooted everything a dozen times. Nothing. My amp has no interface now. Sucks. update - so, I can get BT connection, the app sync's, then it goes to No Connection. I have no way of using the app controls. I've had this thing for a while now and it's never been stable or usable without hours of tinkering and screwing around with it. Very disappointing and a distraction from music. Damn... the crazy thing is that it's streaming bluetooth audio fine. So, it's definitely connected, the app just flat out doesn't work.
  2. I hope this is something obvious... do I have to log in online to use my Amplifi? I get that I would not be able to use the cloud features offline, but it would seem obvious to let me program my app tones without having to be logged into Line6. Also, if it's not there (haven't found it) the app should save your login credentials and default them when you open. It seems to clear them every open/close of the app. I have not spent a ton of time with it, so this may be operator error. Also - PLEASE add a PC/Mac application with USB connectivity at some point. The iPad app works well, but hardware updates and os updates are too frequent (also, some people would prefer Android, etc.). To be a serious tool, I think you need to have a computer based application to fall back on as well. Otherwise, I really am enjoying my Amplifi 75.
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