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  1. Hi, I'm trying to jam along with tracks in my iphone music library. After i log in and go to the "music" tab of Amplifi app, i can see the songs in my library and it says it is playing but no sound is coming from my amplifier (guitar still plays, song from library does not). I tried connecting and re-connecting the app to the processor via bluetooth, did not help. Thanks for the help. -Jesse
  2. I was able to find a solution to this problem. I am using an iPhone 6s. First, i looked at my phone (device) and confirmed blue tooth was connected to my fx100. Then I opened my AMPLIFI app, i went to the settings tab, followed by "device flash" and tapped on the most recent update (2.50.2?). From there, i tapped an update button that was within the screen (i cant remember the exact name, sorry). It turned out i needed to do an update through my mobile device, which took about an hour. i left my phone sitting on the processor for the time it took. My FX100 now appears to be working as advertised, and I am very happy with it. If you have any further troubles, let me know and i will try to help. The update took about an hour, but it worked. I can now use the FX100 to its full potential and it is working great. Thank you
  3. Purchased an amplifi FX100 today. After playing for a few minutes, it said on the app that it needed an update and it would take 30-45 minutes. I let it update but accidently hit the home screen button when it was almost over. I went back into the app and it said "update failed". I now have the 4 preset buttons flashing on my fx 100, and the app does not show the update anymore. I have tried to factory reset the fx100 (power off pedal, hold down volume knob & tap button then power back on while holding for some time). It did not work. I would hate to return this item but its not looking good so far. Any help please?
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