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  1. JaPPa

    iPad audio connection

    Thanks for the replay, I might try your method and see how I like that.
  2. JaPPa

    iPad audio connection

    Whenever I connect to my FireHawk FX ony my iPad it send my iPad audio to my FireHawk FX. I want to connect so I can use the app, not as an audio device. I can fix this by setting the sound back to the iPad once it connects. But is there are option to set the FireHawk FX NOT as an audio device device with Bluetooth connection? - JaPPa
  3. Helpful comment... can you tell me what version MacBook, MacOS and Workbench HD you are using? Clearly there is something that causes this since you are stating it's sharp as it should be. So let's try to find the issue here and help others who mind have the same problem. My specs are: MacBook Pro Retina 15" late 2013 model MacOS 10.12 Workbench HD 2.13
  4. I am trying out the Workbench HD app to see how it all works before buying a Variax guitar. But the Line 6 monkey and Workbench HD doesn't support the retina screen in a MacBook Pro, therefor it looks blurry and not pleasing on the eye at all. Will there be a 'Retina' update anytime soon? And is the Helix app the same for MacBook Pro users?
  5. JaPPa

    Spider IV 150 combo vs 150hd

    I think the issue is that the speakers in the combo are voiced for the Spider IV. Your 4x12 is not, so it sounds different and in this case lesser for your taste. You may find tweaking all your settings to sounds good on your 4x12 to be your only option. Since speakers do make a big impact on the 'character' of the sound.
  6. JaPPa

    Spider IV 75 not updating.

    Enjoy your 2.0 sounds xD
  7. Switching a effect on or off isn't a preset is it? Here is the URL to the product page where the 128 presets is presented as a feature.
  8. Hi guys, I'm wondering how I can save presets to my shortboard mkii? I'm using it in combination with a Spider IV 75 and do most of my edits in the edit software on my mac. On the product page of the shortboard is says but I can't find a way to save any preset the the board. Anyone knows how to do this? Thanks!
  9. JaPPa

    Will it work with Spider iV 75?

    Yes I have it installed. Fair point. I'll be using it for headphones too, since its a pain to connect a headphone to the Spider IV 75, so thats upgrade as well from my point of view.
  10. Hi guys, My 'Stomp' switch is dead, it click but does not activate or deactivate. Is there a way to calibrate the switch or a trick to make it live again? Or is there a way to reconfig the switches so I can set the 'stomp' function to anther (good working) switch? Cheers
  11. Hi guys, I'm wondering if I can use a FX100 with my Spider IV 75. Could I set the amp on a clean channel without effects and use the FX100 as a board and effect controls? Would this be a cool 'modern' upgrade of my Spider IV. I have a Shortboard MKII but the stomp switch died so I'm looking for a new board, but the Shortboard MKII and the FX100 ar both around the 200 euro's. Hope you guys know some more! Cheers
  12. JaPPa

    Mkii Button Problem

    Amp and shortboard are up-to-date.
  13. When in manual mode, you may want to disable the effects that are assigned to the amp models. You can do that by pressing the 'preset' button and navigate with <-> arrows to 'setup'. When seeing 'setup' in the scree, use the up-down arrows to go to 'AutoFX'. Use the 'preset' button (by turning it) to change it to 'Disabled'. Now you can change the amps without the effects changing with it, ideal for exploring the amp models in a 'clean state'.
  14. Hi guys, I'm using the MKII shortboard with a Spider iv 75. Here is my problem .. the buttons 'STOMP' and 'REVERB' don't always go on/off when pushed. Is there a way to calibrate or et-up the buttons so they work all the time? Other buttons are working perfectly.