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  1. Hey Hey! Thanks for the reply - sorry for the confusion. I probably should have been clearer - with my POD I would use only Effects, with no amp blocks, and it worked out good. When I moved to the Firehawk FX I tried a similar setup and found that the sound wasn't quite right, so I've been using Amp blocks in addition to effects. To answer your questions: - My current setup is Guitar > Firehawk > Amp. No effects loop, so straight in. - To remove the amp blocks - when configuring a patch, I just didn't enable any amp/cab. Essentially, just effects - Comp/Distortion/Trem/Delay/Reverb. The Firehawk *is* configured to be in Amp Mode (switch in the back). It sound OK, but always seems hot.
  2. Hey hey! So, I purchased a Firehawk FX a couple months ago with the plan to replace my aging POD X3 bean. Initially I was quite happy, as I didn't leverage many features of the POD - I essentially used only FX, and for Mic in/out. My plan was to do the same with the Firehawk (without the Mic). Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'm using this quite right. With my POD, I would use FX and just never configured an Amp block - easy! However, the Firehawk doesn't seem to work/sound quite right without an Amp block. My thinking is I have two challenges: Sending signal direct into a small tube amp without an effects loops (was previously more than usable with the POD) Incorrect volume settings on the Firehawk The amp models aren't something I *need*, but if I get a pleasant sound I'll use them. Presently using the Firehawk at about 75% master volume, so that I don't clip before I want to. Any thoughts?
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