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  1. Right, so XLR female to TRS is what I wanna get then. Cheers! -Thomas
  2. ...and it doesn't matter that the 1/4" output from the POD is unbalanced, while the 1/4" input on the speakers are balanced ?
  3. ..as I mentioned, I've read that if I use balanced on both - the volume would be very low, as opposed to using TRS where the volume is acceptable for rehearsing...don't know if it's true though - was hoping someone here would know :)
  4. thomasmadsen1

    POD HD 500x

    Hi guys! I just disconnected my POD 500X from my computer as the latency was unbearable. I think I'll try connecting my KRK 6's directly into it instead, but I noticed that the outputs on the POD are balanced whereas the inputs on the monitors are balanced for both XLR and TRS. Will this be a problem ? I've read somewhere that when monitoring from the balanced outputs on the POD, the volume gets really low unless you connect to an amp, but when using unbalanced directly it's quite allright for practising...? Just wondering what kinda cables I should head out to buy on monday - cheers for any advice :) -Thomas
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