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Found 7 results

  1. Has anyone ever actually tried a FBV Shortboard Mk1 with an Amplifi product via the FBV input? I realise everything says officially only the MkII (2) Shortboard will work, but given the only real difference appears to be a lack of a USB port, I'm thinking it should work? Obviously I would not be able to re-program the board via the USB software like the MkII. Thanks, M.
  2. Picked one up on the cheap in "like new" condish. I must say that I am glad I took a flyer on this unit. It's exactly what I need in my current and immediate future. Doing a 80's Metal Cover band and this thing has every single thing I need in one box. I was using a XXX with about 6 pedals and now it's just the Shortboard. I have a very cynical and precise ear and these so called "digital artifacts" people talk about? I don't get em. I am a tweaking veteran so I was able to dial in excellent tones in under an hour and set up my whole night in under 2. I did find however that it likes to be loud which is fine with me. One question for you real SV veterans out there though that I can't seem to find an answer to any where is how does this thing manage to sound so much bigger than it really is? This thing makes my XXX sound like a little Crate Combo and my XXX is in perfect working order. I'm talking as far as fullness of sound not sheer volume. Hoping someone can shed some light on this as it amazes me. PS. I was a HUGE Line6 detractor before I got this amp. This is not a honeymoon thing either, I really love the heck outta this amp! I wouldn't have bought it if I didn't get it for 100 smackers WITH the shortboard. Glad I did.
  3. I have a spider valve 212 amp which was bought used in 2012. Original mk1, It has served me faithfully as my main gig amp ever since. I typically let the amp warm up for about a minute and a half, cool down for the same. For about 2 months now I have been having a problem with the distortion cutting out on me and replaced with a loud buzz replacing it, still getting notes out but it sounds fizzy. It also gets pretty hot when this happens. Amp was taken to a tech. He told me tubes weren't the issue. He also said "I work on amps, not computers" humph, at least he didn't charge me a lot of money. Please help, God Bless! -Easy E.
  4. How do I access the preset tone settings? I tried doing what the spider valve manual suggested by holding down the tap button and turning the amp model switch but I got nothing. What am I missing?
  5. I apologize if someone has already posted something like this, but I couldn't find it... I recently bought a Spider Valve 212 mk1 from a friend. It was in good shape except the tubes, and so he bought some for me to use so it would be in perfect working order (as he didn't want to sell me something that didn't work.) I replaced the power tubes with Sovtek 6l6's, which work perfectly fine, and sound pretty good. They work well with the stock China preamp tubes. He also gave me a matched quartet of Sovtek el84's. I tried both matched pairs in succession, and neither are working. I get a ton of sound coming from the XLR line-out, but I can't coax anything out of the speakers. Both the 6l6's and the el84's are lit, but still no speaker sound. If I put the chinas back in, the speakers start working again. Is there a compatibility issue with el84's on this amp? I work with electronics quite a bit, but I honestly know next to nothing about tubes.
  6. Hi line 6 community, i'm searching for a good usb midi foot controller for Ableton Live and i would like to know if is possible to use the line 6 shortboard MK1 (not mk2). I want to control especially the loop function and effects on/off. Is it complicated to configure? I can't find the manual of that product, is there something online? Thanks
  7. Hey guys, so I just purchased a Pod Hd Pro Rack unit. I wanna run it through a live rig and all I have is a discontinued Line 6 Mk1 Bogner head, a peavey 5150 slanted cab and an EC1000. The head only has a preamp out and power amp in. Now I have seen many videos of the HD500 live setup with the 4 cable method but the rack unit doesnt have the same outlets as the 500. I have a few questions about all this. 1. What cables should I be using specifically for the 4 cable method(stereo, mono cables? mix of both?) and how do i connect them without hiss or airy noises( do i need to mod something on the pod hd as well to link with the cab better?) I just changed tubes so i know its not the head or anything digital thats wrong. The speakers in the cab are new as well. 2. The loudness of the amp reduces when i plug in the pod hd( also all hiss and airy noise is gone). Is my amp not suitable to power the pod hd? 3. finally is there a way to bypass the effects from the head and just use the power from the amp to run my pod hd's effects? This noob would really appreciate your help. Thanks guys!
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