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  1. Unfortunately, you cannot take spider IV patches and transfer them to sv mkII, different file extensions going on over there. The only worry I had about this amp is overheating; As with all amps you need some ventilation, but this thing gets overheated quick! I suppose thats what you get when you combine valve power with digital signal processing. Just treat her like a delicate flower and she'll purr gig after gig. B) -Eric
  2. I have a 2x12 40w. What I do is I turn my channel volume at about 9 o'clock and the master volume at about noon. Presets should always start with your channel volume. Unfortunately, the presets on the amps aren't exactly plug in and play material, but spend some time with this amp and make it your own. Hope I helped -Eric
  3. I have a spider valve 212 amp which was bought used in 2012. Original mk1, It has served me faithfully as my main gig amp ever since. I typically let the amp warm up for about a minute and a half, cool down for the same. For about 2 months now I have been having a problem with the distortion cutting out on me and replaced with a loud buzz replacing it, still getting notes out but it sounds fizzy. It also gets pretty hot when this happens. Amp was taken to a tech. He told me tubes weren't the issue. He also said "I work on amps, not computers" humph, at least he didn't charge me a lot of money. Please help, God Bless! -Easy E.
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