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  1. Also, I've found that a 10 band EQ pedal can GREATLY enhance the tone capability of my Spider Valve. I use an MXR in the effects loop.
  2. Here's my quick and easy solution to that pesky looper feature on the FBV MKII. Grab yourself a zip tie... http://line6.com/support/topic/8815-simple-fix-for-the-fbv-shortboard-mkii-and-others/
  3. Thanks man! I actually saw a thread on here somewhere, where someone went to great lengths installing a cooling fan for the DSP chip. I cranked mine for about fur hours straight the other night, with the bass damn near maxed out on both the insane channels and while it did get warm, I noticed no ill effects.
  4. Nice! Whatever works! I'm just glad I'll never kick that looper on again by accident, and then wonder who else is playing my riff, but out of time! hahaha!
  5. I have used the FBV Express and the FBV Shortboard to tune to all kinds of different tunings, from standard E to Drop A, and they both recognize and diplay the "correct" notes. I have noticed that sometimes it will display a flat note above what you are looking for. For instance, an F# will be displayed as a Gb on the display, but it still works fine and keeps me in tune! The answer to your question is yes!
  6. I doubt I am the only one who has ever accidentally kicked on the looper function (by stepping on the "Function 2" button). Considering I never use the looper feature (on purpose, anyway...LOL) I decided to disable the button. I considered finding a small box the appropraite size and taping it to the board over the button to prevent me from accidentally stepping on it ever again. Then I thought of a different solution. Behold, the zip tie fix!!! This idea could certainly be used to disble ANY of the buttons...
  7. Thanks for the response, napynap. I figured out that the patches are not transferrable, as they have a different file extension. I had considered renaming a few patches from the Spider IV to the correct extension for the SV just to see what would happen, but I didn't want to brick my amp in the process, so I decided against it.
  8. Hello all, As the title states, I am a long time user of the Spider family of products. I am about to receive a Spider Valve MKII head I recently purchased, and I have a couple of questions. 1.) Are the custom patches that I have dialed in and saved on my Spider IV HD 150 transferable to the Spider Valve? I do have the FBV Shortboard MKII and Spider Edit software on my computer. 2.) What are the most common problems/issues with the Spider Valve MKII Thanks in advance for any responses!
  9. This is a problem inherent with both my Spider IV HD 150 and my Spider IV 150 combo. The master volume control is uber-sensitive around the 8-9-10 o clock position. The volume output rises and maxes out very quickly. Also, the pots move so freely, that at high volume levels, the master volume knob can and will move from vibration. The only solution I have come up with is to try to set the channel volumes of your presets lower, and I put a #10 o-ring behind the knob itself, between the knob and the face plate of the amp, which offers a little more physical resistance (depending on how hard you push the knob back on the shaft of the pot after installing the o-ring) and my master volume no longer moves when I don't want it to. It also makes the master volume a bit more manageable.
  10. The amp automatically cuts the speakers out when the jacks are used. Make sure to connect both outs from the amp to both ins on the cab, and switch the cab to 8 ohms per side Stereo. Also, for best results, use speaker cables to connect the amp to the cab, not instrument cables.
  11. Push the "Settings" knob on the amp, then arrow left or right on the directional pad until you see "GATE". Then you can arrow up or down through the settings. You can set the mode, threshold, and decay, just as you would on a pedal or rack mount noise gate. I hope this helps!!
  12. I have been considering lowering my channel volumes to try it with the master up a little higher. With the channel volumes set high (as most are with the default presets) it makes the master volume control so touchy. You can go from bedroom practice level to what seems like stadium concert level by moving the master control ever so slightly! Why did Line 6 set all the presets with such high channel volumes if the amp sounds better with them rifled back a bit?
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