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  1. Is this happening with every preset, or just a specific one? If it's with every preset, I believe what you are encountering might have to do with calibrating the pedal. There should be instructions on calibrating the pedal in the user guide online. This is to let the pedal board know how far up and down the expression pedal can move, to be able to adjust the wah and volume accordingly. Now I may be mistaken, but I don't remember there being a setting to adjust the amount of "wah" on the expression pedal. Some people have complained that the wah pedal is not the greatest, and maybe that is the problem you're encountering but IMO I'm pretty satisfied with it.
  2. Why do your posts have to look like you're talking through a megaphone?
  3. From what I have experienced with my Spider IV HD 150, and this is no knock because I like a lot of things about the head, Line 6 seems to have put A LOT of thought into presets and multiple settings, but didn't do much to polish the package as a professional practical solution. This goes for some of the presets and effects as well. There are a couple little things I'm starting to notice too, that others on this site have mentioned as kinda gimmicky (quick loop), and some things they didn't seem to think all the way through (switching channels with the foot pedal brings a quick "mute" where the sound coming through stops for second). Makes it tough to use this live. Slightly unfortunate considering the potential the rig has with all the customization and tinkering that's available. But I am still a new user, so maybe there are ways to fix these problems and I have yet to find solutions.
  4. Anybody get a chance to listen to the video have the same problem or a solution? Thanks for the post. I tried to mess around with the noise gate setting by holding the tap and turning the reverb (what I read) but that doesn't seem to do anything. Is there another way to do it that I'm not aware of? I can't decide if I should take this back if the replacement is just going to do the same thing. Love a lot of things about this head but am bummed about this noise. Don't want to have to "edit" out the reverb/hum in the editing software for each silence. I thought this would be everything I need and am now kinda dissapointed.
  5. Thanks you two for the quick responses...I will try to answer all your questions... -Active pickups have fresh 9V's, but even on my guitar without active pickups this still happens -I use Monster Gold Tipped cables and have used both of the ones I have -Nothing on or near the amp head -Using the Preset A,B,C Channels Arachnophobia/Black/Buttah and all have this issue, even on the clean. Also tried Manual per fflbrgst's suggestion and it actually got worse. So much so that I made a video of the sound, uploaded it and posted it below. -Using an AVT 4x12 Marshall Cab, its beat but sounds great and like I said, it's not the Cab because when I plug my headphones in the noise still happens. -When trying to diagnose this problem, I shut off all FX for the Preset Channels including delay and reverb. Was a good idea, so I actually did try the manual and like I said above, the noise gets worse. Have tried 3 of my guitars (1 w/out active pickups), and 2 gold tipped Monster cables. I have NOT updated my firmware, mostly because I have no idea how to do it. I believe I have the correct USB cable (kind of an outdated size) but I don't know how to load the updates, or what website to go to, or what affect it my have on my head (will I lose manufacture settings?, etc.). I am also kinda afraid of updating it if I have to return this head to Guitar Center. I'm still within my 30 days and if I can't fix this I'm thinking about exchanging it for a new one or returning it for something else. It's upsetting because I fell in love with this head and I want to keep it! But I can't deal with this noise if I'm recording! As mentioned above, I have made a video of the sound and am going to upload it to YouTube and post it here. Also kinda important, trying to deduce what the problem is, I did a test by hitting a chord and turning down the volume knob on my guitar after I hit the notes, and the noise STILL happens. It's something in the head, some kind of electrical hum or reverb. It's driving me nuts!! Here's the video I made, but like I said this happens on ALL channels, clean, etc., some are worse than others. This sound was the most obvious one so I chose to record it so you all could hear what I was talking about. You can hear after I palm mute the noise comes up, gets loud, then goes silent in about a second.
  6. Hey all short time reader first time poster! Just want to say I am so glad there are these forums for us to discuss our Spider IV and Line 6 stuff, I have already read through 5 pages of these forums and am very greatful for the mature responses from some of the posters, as well as the good information that I have already come upon regarding my Line 6 Head. So now onto my problem... I am quite an experienced guitar player, not so much experienced with effects. Wanted an all-in-1 that I could "grow" with, so I decided to buy a brand new Spider IV HD 150 last week with the FBV shortboard and I love almost everything about it. My head has only been sitting in my room and hasn't been moved at all since I took it out of the box. While playing riffs/songs with the presets like Aracnaphobia/Black/Buttah I have noticed quite an annoying hum/echo noise through my cab or headphones right after I come to a stop and palm mute my strings. It happens with both of my guitars so I'm certain it has to be the head. The only way I can describe the sound is an electrical feedback "echo" that has a "frequency" or "not properly grounded" noise from the head when right when I stop strumming and try to go to complete silence. Even if I, say, hit one chord real quick and then mute the strings, the feedback echo happens. This is with all the preset settings, I haven't touched any of the other stuff. I am kind of a audiophile, which is why I bought this head in the firstplace, so it's super annoying to hear, and its actually quite noticeable with the volume 1/4 of the way up. So when I come to a stop, the guitar and effects will silence, but then a split second after the head makes this electrical hum noise, almost like a "up and down" or a "feedback fixer" kind of faint echo noise for 1 second. The noise sounds nothing like the notes or tones of the guitar. After the second of echo it does go silent, but that doesn't work for me. When I stop playing I don't want anymore noise! I'm just annoyed (1) because I just bought this and can't believe this would be something standard on this head and (2) because I intended to record with this head and can't have this noise recording every single time there is a break of silence in the riff, or if the song is over and I need it to be completely quiet. Thanks in advance for reading my post, and any response or advice or settings adjustments suggestions I might want to take into account or consider are greatly appreciated! I apologize for the somewhat lengthy post, but wanted to be descriptive as possible in explaining my issue in hopes someone would understand and/or recognize the issue that I'm talking about. Anyway I do like a lot of things about this head and hope this problem can be fixed so I can continue guitaring happily while keeping this head!
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