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  1. evrybobry

    Spider Iv Master Volume Knob Problem

    Just sell it like I did. Line 6 don't give a F about problems theirs users have. I bought Peavey tube amp and it works perfect. Also I have TC-Helicon Voicelive 3 and it is much much much much better than Line Spider Signal processing in use with guitar
  2. evrybobry

    Spider Iv Master Volume Knob Problem

    I'm starting to think you really don't understand our problem. I know that total volume is based on a combination of the Channel Volume and the Master Volume. I have different level of channel volume for all my presets. It doesn't mater if my chanel volum is 5% or 85% Master Volume knob is usefull only to 30-35%, after that is as loud as on 30-35%.
  3. evrybobry

    Spider Iv Master Volume Knob Problem

    For example: I'm seting Chanel Volume for 10%. Now I'm using Master knob to volume up. I can hear any changes of volume only to 30-35% of scale of knob, after that volume do not change it's already max. When I'm setting Chanel Volume to 50%, 88%, whatever, when I'm geting to 30-35% of master knob volum is max and I can set master knob to 50%- 90% it doesen't matter. In my old amp when I set chanel for 10% and master for 50% I had 5% of power. When I set Chanel for 50% and Master for 100% I had 50% and so on. Here When I set Chanel for 50% and master for 40% or 70% I have 50%
  4. Hi, I just bought Spider IV and it's strange for me that master knob is active between 0 and 3, maybe 3,5. I found post on old forum but there is no awnser (http://line6.com/support/thread/21395). It's very annoying for me because on concerts it's hard to regulate master volume :/ Maybe someone resolve this problem ?