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  1. Just sell it like I did. Line 6 don't give a F about problems theirs users have. I bought Peavey tube amp and it works perfect. Also I have TC-Helicon Voicelive 3 and it is much much much much better than Line Spider Signal processing in use with guitar
  2. I'm starting to think you really don't understand our problem. I know that total volume is based on a combination of the Channel Volume and the Master Volume. I have different level of channel volume for all my presets. It doesn't mater if my chanel volum is 5% or 85% Master Volume knob is usefull only to 30-35%, after that is as loud as on 30-35%.
  3. For example: I'm seting Chanel Volume for 10%. Now I'm using Master knob to volume up. I can hear any changes of volume only to 30-35% of scale of knob, after that volume do not change it's already max. When I'm setting Chanel Volume to 50%, 88%, whatever, when I'm geting to 30-35% of master knob volum is max and I can set master knob to 50%- 90% it doesen't matter. In my old amp when I set chanel for 10% and master for 50% I had 5% of power. When I set Chanel for 50% and Master for 100% I had 50% and so on. Here When I set Chanel for 50% and master for 40% or 70% I have 50%
  4. Hi, I just bought Spider IV and it's strange for me that master knob is active between 0 and 3, maybe 3,5. I found post on old forum but there is no awnser (http://line6.com/support/thread/21395). It's very annoying for me because on concerts it's hard to regulate master volume :/ Maybe someone resolve this problem ?
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