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  1. Thanks to responders...I learned something very useful. Cheers!
  2. I read about that and it makes sense...I just didn't think it would happen to me LOL; I didn't think of myself as a power user. I'm using HX Effects. It would be nice if they were just greyed out so it would jog your memory that "hey, you can't use those." But even on a totally blank preset, I tried to use the poly pitch in 2 blocks. Nothing else. I could only use one. They take up that much processing power? If they do, they do, but sheesh. Thanks for the input though. I appreciate it. Jeff
  3. Hi...I was trying to build a patch last night and noticed something odd. I started with a blank preset. When I used the poly pitch effect on one block of my chain, none of the new poly effects would display as options in subsequent menus. i.e I wasn't able to run 2 poly pitches consecutively. Then I noticed when trying to insert a reverb, none of them were even listed. If I went to a fresh preset, they were. I hope I am describing the problem clearly. I guess my question is aren't all effects available for new blocks, regardless if you're already using one? Yes... I've already updated to the latest versions. Thanks...I hope that made sense. Jeff
  4. Hi there....I tried to open HX Edit today. The last time I used it about a month ago it was fine. Today, my HX Effects unit doesn't appear. There's just the HX Edit screen with the menu bar, just no unit showing up. I had previously updated everything. I've got firmware 3.10, Line 6 Updater 1.2, HX Edit Installer 3.01. Like I said, about a month ago it was fine. I'm sure it's something simple, but I didn't change anything that I know of...help please? Thanks, Jeff
  5. Thanks... I've now tried both global and factory reset. No change. The weird is that when I push the #1 knob it functions normally... Just not when I turn it.
  6. Hi...I noticed for the first time today that my #1 parameter knob (HX FX) will not let me change values. It I press it it goes to learn mode, but it has no effect when just using it in rotary fashion. I don't think I changed anything; if I did it was by accident. I updated to 3.01 back in December. Any ideas? Thanks, Jeff
  7. Well duh on me... Lol. I just didn't scroll over enough on the global settings to get to the latch /momentary option. Problem solved. Thanks for the help both of you. Have a great day!
  8. I didn't edit anything though. I'll take you thru my steps. Turn on HX. Go thru banks to my Def Lep preset which has 2 snapshots one clean and one distorted. At this point there is NOT a little E. Click both up/down bank switches to put me into snapshot mode. But now all all 4 snapshots are blinking (which was not the case previously.) When I tap either switch it kicks me out of snapshot mode and back to bank... And now the little E is next to the name of the block. I didn't edit anything. But of course now I'm out of snapshot.
  9. Hi... Seems like since update a small E is showing up next to my preset name if I open the preset and tap a footswitch. When I go back to the bank I'll have a little E next to the preset name. It's messing with my snapshots. What is it and what have I done?
  10. Hi... I'm using HX Effects running into a tube amp. This is probably on a forum somewhere but I couldn't really find it so thanks in advance for your patience. Can someone give me some advice on making a block to get a reasonable facsimile of an acoustic guitar? Sort of a like a Boss AC-3 pedal? It would really be cool if line 6 just added that pedal to the next update... Thanks!
  11. jcwaldo

    HX Effects

    thanks for the advice folks....i went for the adjusting the "always on approach" because i was in kind of a hurry. got a little more time to relax and mess with this thing in depth now.
  12. jcwaldo

    HX Effects

    Hi...when I bypass my HX Effects to just use my amp, there is drop off in volume. So, I need to bring down the overall output of the HX to match. Is there a way to do this through global settings? That would be much easier than having to go through and readjust individual block levels. Sometime, all you need is your amp! Thanks!
  13. jcwaldo

    HX Effects

    Thanks for the help...got that part figured out. Now, on to using snapshots....
  14. jcwaldo

    HX Effects

    Hi...just got HX Effects. I get the impression that I should be able to combine two effects onto 1 footswitch, allowing me to be able to turn them on/off simultaneously, such as combining a delay and a chorus at the same time, but I'm having difficulty figuring it out from the manual. I'm sure this is prob covered somewhere but I couldn't find it. Would anyone mind putting the procedure into simple terms, please? Thanks!
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