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  1. jcwaldo

    HX Effects

    thanks for the advice folks....i went for the adjusting the "always on approach" because i was in kind of a hurry. got a little more time to relax and mess with this thing in depth now.
  2. jcwaldo

    HX Effects

    Hi...when I bypass my HX Effects to just use my amp, there is drop off in volume. So, I need to bring down the overall output of the HX to match. Is there a way to do this through global settings? That would be much easier than having to go through and readjust individual block levels. Sometime, all you need is your amp! Thanks!
  3. jcwaldo

    HX Effects

    Thanks for the help...got that part figured out. Now, on to using snapshots....
  4. jcwaldo

    HX Effects

    Hi...just got HX Effects. I get the impression that I should be able to combine two effects onto 1 footswitch, allowing me to be able to turn them on/off simultaneously, such as combining a delay and a chorus at the same time, but I'm having difficulty figuring it out from the manual. I'm sure this is prob covered somewhere but I couldn't find it. Would anyone mind putting the procedure into simple terms, please? Thanks!