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  1. Thanks for the steer. Agree, HXFX seems right and has more flexibility in placing effects than the Pod Go. For strictly an effect unit, thats a win. But, for and option to have amps, if I relent to the occasional desire of an amp or cab - direct w/o the 4CM, it seems like the HX Stomp XL beats the constraints of the Pod Go. In addition to those preferences, I prefer the freedoms of expression pedal and expansion buttons with a the use of a TRS intermediary, or better, a midi switcher. The modularity works for me as I often inject external effects with the effect loops. Something I miss having the Helix, it is truly a multi-tool, but the footprint of a Helix plus a secondary board, aka the sand box, for other options lead me to reduce the footprint. The Pod Go has been great, but seems like either the HX Stomp XL (if preferring amps and cabs), or the HXFX will be what I turn to. If not, it’s back to the Helix and the stand box. The win there is the added flexabilty of additional external effects placed anywhere in chain with use of the effects loops, but at the sacrifice of more real estate.
  2. Can someone advise if the HD Stomp XL has the ability to only use effects blocks, or is it similar to the Pod Go where there are “fixed” effect blocks that cannot be removed, e.g EQ? I’m interested in getting the HD Stomp XL only for the effects to be used via 4CM and not utilizing any HD Stomp XL amps or cabs. I want all 8 effects blocks to be assigned only to effects. Thanks for any help.
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