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  1. Hi all - I noticed I sometimes need more FX blocks, especially when I plug in to a real amp. Is there a way to use FX blocks instead of AMP/cabinet blocks (and thus extend from 4 to 6 FX blocks)?
  2. Thanks Hurghanico. sorry I have missed your reply so far. Cool, works great! Thanks a lot :-)
  3. :-) can’t wait to get the gear back and try out. could try it out finally. Works like a charm! A big Thanks folks.
  4. :-) can’t wait to get the gear back and try out.
  5. Hi everybody, I have a challenge - not a huge problem but annoying: I have a POD500x connect with a MIDI enabled amp (H&K Tubemeister 40). I use the POD in stompbox mode and have three switches to control the amp's channels (clean, crunch, lead) in power soak mode. Whenever I switch presets, the amp goes back into "default mode", i.e. clean without power soak. To fix that I have to tap again the right channel in the preset after switching. What I'd like to achieve is changing presets without this extra step (so staying in the previous mode OR ensuring the new preset sends a midi signal with power soak on). Any ideas how to achieve this?
  6. thanks @spaceatl! Sounds like a workable solution but not sure if I can still use FXs with this approach when using the real amp. Anyhow - will try that out and report back once my POD is back from repair (footswitches).
  7. Hi everyone I have my HD500x connected to a stacked amp via 4 cable method. i would like to create a preset that allows me to switch between real and modeled amp. i understand the magic must be with the send/return FX unit. Can’t get it working though. any ideas or hints? thx
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