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  1. Hi guys I have been using the POD HD500X for recording in the studio and it has been great. I wanted to start using live, connected directly to the PA, sounds great as well in some try outs i have used it, but there is one major issue i have that might be a the reason to get rid of the HD500X, it is changing the parameters for a block in every preset separately every time i want a change. I have 4 basics presets a clean, clean with delay, distortion and distortion with delay which are in one bank, how ever I do have several specific presets for other songs (mostly filters added to the signal change of one of the original basic presets) and i store them in a different bank. I use two different amps for the clean and distortion channels Does anyone know if I can link the effects. My major issues is the amps and delays. depending on the gig and during sound check i want to be able to modify for example, the amps eq or volume and delay mix or feedback. Is there anything similar to global blocks that i can use? I want to for example reduce the bass on the distortion amp and change it in one preset that will also modify it the others presets linked to it. It has been too time consuming changing settings in 5-6 banks for one an issue i want to change through out the entire set. I know you can set individual or several blocks to be controlled by the FS1 - FS8 switches, but to me that defeats the purpose of the multieffects since i am still tap dancing. I currently use voodoo labs ground control and audio switcher to control stomp boxes, how ever it increased the amount of things to carry and set up way longer. I checked out AXE FX and it is possible, it is just out of my purchasing capabilities right now, and since I have the HD500X already I would like to give it a try. If any one knows if this is possible I would really appreciate it. Or of any other multi effects that can do it, it will check it out Thanks
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