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  1. I'm on a Mac so I had to improvise. I followed the WAV file format here (http://www.topherlee.com/software/pcm-tut-wavformat.html), opened up the files in a HEX editor, and set the two length fields. They work great now. Whew! I'm glad they weren't lost forever. Now I just need to remember to press STOP before powering off. :)
  2. FYI ... I had a similar problem with an L2t. I brought it in to my local service center and after a couple months, they claimed it was fixed, but it still had the same problem. Line 6 took care of it after it was shipped to their California service center and it works great now. The distortion was intermittent and happened from all combinations of inputs I could think of, including going through the M20d mixer.
  3. I just used my M20d with 2 L2t speakers for the very first time with my bluegrass band. It did great and I think it has a great future with us. We played two sets and I tried to record both directly to an SD card. The first set recorded fine because I pressed stop, but the second set I forgot to press the stop button before powering it off. I recorded main outs and every input. I can see large files on the SD card for the second set. The main out file is 783 MB in size, but every one of them appear to somehow be corrupted and won't open in any sound player/editor. Does anyone know of a way to recover them? Perhaps there's something that should have been written to the end of the .wav files that wasn't? Any ideas? Our second set was much better and I was really hoping to get some good recordings of us.
  4. That video makes a lot of sense. I'll have to give it a shot tomorrow. Thanks for pointing me to that. And yes, that's the model of my nice banjo. :)
  5. I use an L2t with my Fender Jass Bass but only at a bluegrass jam. It works great. I would assume it'd be fine for smaller areas easily, depending on what kind of volume you need.
  6. I've got a small diaphragm matched pair condenser mic set and I've been trying to figure out how to get the M20d mixer to let me convert two XLR inputs (from these mics) into a stereo input. I'm wanting to do this so I don't have to switch back and forth on the Tweak page between the mics. I want to set them up identically essentially with one panned to the right and one panned to the left. Any ideas on the best way to do this?
  7. It's got to be something inside the L2t itself because when I plug in the same configuration into my other L2t, it sounds fine.
  8. I have a pair of Line 6 L2t speakers and they are mostly awesome. One of them works flawlessly. I've had them for about a month and haven't gigged with them. I have mostly been planning to use them for acoustic bluegrass music, but tonight I plugged in my electric bass to them and noticed that one of the speakers has a strange buzzing sound that's sporadic. The other speaker is crystal clear. I tried it with a couple other electric guitars and it has the same issue. I wouldn't describe it as a rattling in the cabinet itself, but more of an interruption of the audio signal or something, like a crackling noise or some sort of bad distortion. I tried to upload this audio sample I recorded of it, but it wouldn't let me post that here. Instead, here's a link to the file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2794919/sandbox/Line%206%20L2t%20Buzzing.m4a Has anyone else experienced the same thing? Does anyone know how to fix it? Unfortunately, this particular speaker I purchased used so I don't have any kind of warranty with it.
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