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  1. xChainzx's post in Downsizing From A Pod Hd500 was marked as the answer   
    I bought the POD HD500 for the synth guitar initially then wound up building some presets and liking it more. I already had a power amp and a 4x12 cabinet, the head has gone bad and can not be repaired. The head I want would cost $1500-$2000+ . I have this equipment so why not use it ?
    I built a preset that I like and was just hoping to find a smaller pedal that would use the model or what you both suggested the FBV Express and the HD ProX. Like I said above though...live the HD500 is a big footprint with my other pedals. Take too much time setting up.
    Mr_Arkadin: The first post is what I was asking suggestions on. So that would be what I wanted people to suggest something on or tell me what you did "there is no compact pedal with amp modelling in the Line 6 range". "You could use an FBV Express MkII which has a small footprint to control an HD Pro X".
    smrybacki: Thanks you answered my question too. I may grab the HD Pro X and use the smaller pedal.
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