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  1. GTLazer's post in 500x Coming Tomorrow And A Few Noob Questions was marked as the answer   
    Couple of quick points on this:
    If you use a valve amp without speakers connected, you're liable to break the output valves/transformer; you need a compatible load.
    You also can't use a cab sim without an amp sim on the Pods. You could use a fairly transparent amp sim, but it would have to be there nonetheless.
    You could use the G Sharp. You could go Guitar > Pod guitar in > Pod loop out > amp guitar in > amp loop out > G Sharp > Pod loop in > Pod out > monitor/PC (you'll get unavoidable latency if you monitor through your PC, though - I wouldn't recommend it)
    That would allow you to use Pod FX before your amp, then again after the G sharp.
    There are other people on here with much more experience of 4CM than me, so it might be wise to get some of their advice before making a final decision on how to make this work best.
  2. GTLazer's post in Pod Hd Mic Preamp Model Missing? was marked as the answer   
    It's not in with the amps, it's in with the EQs.
  3. GTLazer's post in Pod Hd 500 Xlr Outputs Sound Quiet was marked as the answer   
    I ran into this problem with mine as well.
    It's because the XLR balanced outputs are at mic level, as they're designed to go into a mixer, simulating the signal they would get from a mic'd cab.
    The 1/4" unbalanced outputs, on the other hand, are at line level.
    Seems a bit remiss, to me, not to offer a choice. I prefer the balanced out with ground lift, but because I go straight to monitors (not via a mixer), I have to turn everything up to 11 just to get a reasonable bedroom level. Surely it wouldn't have been difficult to give me a choice of mic or line level...
  4. GTLazer's post in Tuner Doesn't Mute was marked as the answer   
    Yep; knob 1, I think. Your options are bypass or mute, but bypass is the default.
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