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    OK. First thanks to all responders!
    All was very helpful.
    The problem has been solved!
    I think, like several suggested, I just needed to close the app and then reopen and repair with the FX100.
    Eventually, it quit "syncing" and I was able to access the Amplifi on the menu.
    From there, all of the 100 presets (25 banks x4) loaded.
    And since then, I've been having a blast checking everything out.
    In short, I love it!
    My biggest problem now is lack of sleep from staying up too late playing with this thing!
    I do have one more question.
    In order to make the tones easier to access, I have saved many of the presets to "My tones".
    Having them in alphabetical order is helpful, and it seems like they load faster once in "My tones".
    It appears that "Favorites" should be a subset of "My tones". 
    How do I save something to "Favorites"?
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