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  1. jeremyn's post in USB Recording Question was marked as the answer   
    Depends how hard you hit the strings. But, otherwise, yes.
    Don't underestimate the monitoring/amp output level. When the sound guy turns up (within reason) the monitor channel for an acoustic player, the player will play softer to compensate to get their level. Same applies to a singer's monitor channel. Louder the monitoring, the softer the singer will sing. Same applies if there is a lot of ambient or background noise. People subconsciously (and sometimes consciously) tend to play/sing a little harder to improve the 'signal to noise' ratio. EQ applies here also, make the person unable to hear themselves over the 'mix' and they'll play/sing/talk harder/louder.
    So if you want a consistent isolated recording level for a channel, you need to have a consistent setup and environment.
  2. jeremyn's post in Using Helix & Relay G70 with an active pickup guitar was marked as the answer   
    The wireless kit acts as an active buffer which can be plugged into any of the inputs. The AUX input is fine for the G70 as is any other input. The input impedance function won't affect your pickups because the wireless kit is effectively buffering the signal. 
    Whether or not your guitar has active pickups won't make any difference once it's gone through another buffer (ie. the wireless kit). The reason they comment on active pickups is probably because there is a little more headroom in the AUX input as it doesn't have to process ultra small passive input signals. It might be a bit quieter for this reason too. That doesn't mean you have to. As long as the active pickups don't have such a massive output signal that the digital input clips at full scale, the guitar input should be fine. If it sounds good with heavy strumming and doesn't have any nasty digital distortion, then you're good to go.
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