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  1. Woodlandsu35's post in Helix alternate tube preamps switching 4CM, Lehle, Hum reduction was marked as the answer   
    Thx for all the ideas,
    1. concerning the earth  Isolation:
     Yes, I certainly do NOT recommend this solution to anyone else.
     As I myself work with tube amp for quite a long time now (repair and mod), I can  classify the risks involved.
    The earth Connection via the connected  equipment remains, and besides the DC  B+ voltage form Tube amps,  the 240 VAC from any power supply remains enough to fry anything, unless you have  fast fuse protection - and or Fi guards. 
    2. concerning the hum isolatores , yes  I Isolated  one preamp completely, the reduction in hum was evident but certainly not 0.
    In terms of sound quality I can only speak in the highest regards from Lehle.  
    So far, they are the only ones where Idid not perceive any sound degradation.  Even the famous AMP switcher by Mesa Boogie with top notch  
    Jensen transformers  did not live up to the Lehle.
    So far I consider my issue solved (for the moment). Stiil I'll pursue the quest for solving the taped earth issue.   
    Thx again.
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