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  1. Hi Sascha Thank you so much for getting back to me. I got my son to do the update. He said it was to do with the updater as well. Really appreciate it. Hope this helps some other folk - if they experience the same issues. Warmest
  2. Helix Community LEGENDS! Oh my gosh! This update is killing me.... ;( I followed the instructions on the website to update my Helix to v3. I backed up first but unfortunately during the update there was an error now my Helix won't get beyond the "Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!" when I turn it on (picture attached). ***Another strange thing happened on the update - my computer asked me to hit the key next to shift to recognise the keyboard??? That happened on both my main computer and laptop. The Helix won't connect to the direct USB inputs of my Mac computer (nor my laptop). I have swapped USB cables. I have re-installed software, I have tried installing an older version in case that helped. Can anyone please help me, I sent a ticket to support about 4-5 days ago but haven't heard anything and I have spent hours reading forums and trying to problem solve. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance! IMG_6611.HEIC
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