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  1. mykejb's post in Let Cubase change Snapshot was marked as the answer   
    I've not tried it, but you should be able to add a MIDI track, route it to the Helix and use it to send the CC.  From memory here, so might be missing something, but this is roughly how to do it I think ...
    Create the MIDI track and add a MIDI event to it (Draw tool)
    Double click the event to open the MIDI editor
    Add a new controller lane -it'll default to velocity. Click where it says "velocity" and it'll give you a list of MIDI CC and other control types. 69 probably isn't listed but I there's an option to add it, I think it's in setup on the dropdown menu. Select CC69, add it to the list the go back and select it.
    Use Draw to add the CC events and you should be able to add/change the snapshots
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