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  1. Hi B Many thanks for reply. It wasn't a cheap cable (£10) Only bought because it got good reviews on Amazon whereas the MAudio didn't. Its not showing up in both the midi boxes, tried swapping the cables, re-installing Line 6 and Java but still no good
  2. Hi All Recently bought a used Pod 2.0. Just got a USB/Midi cable and downloaded Line 6 Edit and Monkey. Trouble is Pod 2.0 doesn't show as an option on software. I have downloaded latest versions. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi Thanks for reply but don't see where I can turn it as every turn, left or right gives me an amp model, but will try it anyway
  4. Hi All New Pod 2.0 owner here, picked it up at bargain price from a guitar show. Very pleased with it. Running it through the front of a 5 watt tube amp and was wondering how to bypass the amp models and just use effects. I cant seem to find the answer in the handbook. My amp has no effect loop. Thanks
  5. Thanks again for reply, will look into getting a decent one. Still having fun finding my way round the on board amps etc.
  6. Thanks for reply Is it the same as a keyboard cable, does it need two midi connectors? Seen some on ebay at aeoiund £3 but the M-audio one is around £20, guess you get what you pay for
  7. Hi All Had a Spider Jam for a few years now but just bought a used but like new POD 2.0.It came with a mains lead only, do I need another lead to download custom tones? Thanks in advance
  8. a1terrier

    Pocket Pod

    Hi All Been a Spider Jam owner for a few years now and was wondering how well a pocket pod would work (or not) with a Spider Jam Thanks
  9. Hi Not sure if this is what you want but posted it anyway Used to have a list of drum and song loops but cant find it Spider Jam Presets.xls
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