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  1. Palico's post in Can't run 1/4 inch out on Helix was marked as the answer   
    I'm not familiar with Helix, but pretty sure I can answer this one for ya.The Helix doesn't have a power amp. So it can't power speakers directly.  If you come out of headphone jack you would have small headphone amp so it might drive them a bit, I'm sure the load of 2x12 is not going be good for the helix headphone amp, it's designed for headphones.
    Straight to your mixer should work as you pull up the gain on the mixer and the PA system will have power amps to amplify the signal. Make sure the line that you going into on the mixer is for line level input, not an insert. Helix has XLR out you can run to mixer that would be a lot simpler to use on most mixers.
    Basic of guitar setup are as follows
    Gutiar > Effects [stomp boxes etc.] > PreAmp > Effects loop [if amp has one] > Power Amp > Speakers
    On say a normal combo amp it contains the PreAmp, usually has effects loop you route some stomp boxes though for post PreAmp effects, a power amp and some speakers. All in one box for you.
    With a modeler like the Helix it contains your effects, PreAmp (the amp model of sorts), effects . It doesn't have speaker or a power amp. It does have headphone amp for personal practices etc... So if you want to run it into a speaker cab, either it needs to be active speaker that has it's own power amp, or you need to have power amp . Since the Helix also does speaker modelling most will want to have fairly flat response speakers like what is used by PA systems. Otherwise the guitar speaker are going to change the tone of the Helix, although it might still be good tone.
    Of course you could run it into power amp and then into a guitar cab speakers. Or into the "Return" of a combo amp, so you are bypassing the combo amps PreAmp and just using it's power amp and speakers. But you have to have power amp to amplify the signal. 
  2. Palico's post in DT50 cab sim out was marked as the answer   
    I suspect it will. Pretty sure the cab out is tapped at a point the master volume knob affects it.
  3. Palico's post in DT25 Effects looper buffered? was marked as the answer   
    Okay I think I found the answer to my own question. The DT25 is using a line level send on the effects loop. Explains the slight loss of high end on the loop, likely not related to the length of the cable as much as just level mismatch.
  4. Palico's post in The DT amplifier ( Class, Topology, Mode ) ? was marked as the answer   
    Nope those control the settings on the DT when used over L6 Link.
  5. Palico's post in Can I plug into a pickup booster first? was marked as the answer   
    You won't fry anything but if the input is to much on the A/D converter you could end up with digitial distortion which doesn't sound good.   If you get too much distortion on the A/D converter you might try putting in the effects loop, assuming you not using it for something else already.
  6. Palico's post in POD HD500 straight into a Mixer was marked as the answer   
    Option 1: Run LEFT 1/4 out on the POD to the mixer "line in".  Dead Simple and will sound pretty good. No preamp need the POD outputs line level already (setable on the face of the unit). If you have long run on the 1/4 you might want to use DI here.  The POD 1/4 left will sum any Stereo effects to mono.
    Option 2: Run LEFT XLR and RIGHT XLR out on the POD to a two channels on the mixer. Pan each channel on the mixer hard left and hard right appropiate to which side of the POD they are hooked to.  Full Stereo if the PA is setup for full Stereo, great fun here.
    Option 4 (not really a POD one). Use isolation box with mic in off stage somewhere to mic your rig. Give the same low volume on stage and FOH control, but then you can use whatever produces the best tone for you.
    Option 5: (okay this is just me maybe not for everyone!). Tell Manager to shove it. I'm the talent not him, I will suceed or fail not him. So I should be able to decide what my tone is. It's the sound crews job to control feedback and volume levels.
  7. Palico's post in I NEED HELP! :( was marked as the answer   
    That should fix it. Think about it. The vol is a like the volume knob on your guitar or amp. If I want the reverb trails and delayed notes to continue after you heel down, then you can't turn their volume off.
  8. Palico's post in Variax don't like Recharable Batteries. was marked as the answer   
    Update: I pulled out the Battery holder to setup some more Test with it. After checking back and forth and getting workable numbers from the rechargables left me befuddled for a bit. Then I finally noticed on the connector part of the connector is broken. That finally explains the problems I've had when attempting to use battery power! Now to order a new battery holder.
    and FYI on the noise when switching models, I mine is just like Charlie, there is  little pop when going acoutic models but all others are dead quite not matter which power source is being used.
  9. Palico's post in When plugged into a Combo Front, why it sounds better when the 1/4 Out is set to "line" instead of "amp"? was marked as the answer   
    When you use the Line level it is going to be a bit more output than with the Amp setting.  If you use Line you can overdrive the inputs of the Amplifier, which is sort of like use a guitar with hotter pickup or using a boost pedal with very low boost setting. Listening to your clip the second one is slightly distored and bit louder which would make sense to me. If you like the "Line" setting better with your amp then use it though. Nothing wrong with it as long as the sound is what you want.
  10. Palico's post in Pod X3 bean. What do you think I should play it through was marked as the answer   
    Most of the POD units IMO sound best straight into the PA. But that is not very convient a lot of the time and then there is the monitoring situation which may or may not be a problem for you.
    If the Amp has a effect return in then use that. It will elemiate the preamp section of the amp which is where a lot for the coloring occurs. Second make sure you set the POD to tell it what you pluggin into to. If you going to PA then use Studio/Direct. For input to Amp use Combo front, for effects loop (or power amp in) use Combo PowerAmp, or if you using stack use the approriate setting. These help, not fully correct it but help.
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