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  1. RPascarella's post in Anyone using DT's MIDI Out + Effects loop to control stompboxes? was marked as the answer   
    OK, update on this.  After some dialog with Line 6, here's essentially what they said:  if you use an external MIDI controller to control the DT via MIDI In, you can control a downstream device (like the Big Sky) via MIDI Out.  The MIDI Out is not intended to be used this way if instead connecting a Pod HD via L6 link.
    It appears that if you use the HDxxx and L6 link to connect to the DT amps, you'll get a flood of MIDI messages that will confuse any devices attached to the DT's MIDI Out.  I haven't had time to dump the contents, but I believe it will contain the MIDI messages the HD is using to control the DT.  On the other hand, if you control the DT via the MIDI In and external controller, the MIDI Out will act as a Thru to allow controlling a downstream device.  Therefore, if I want to attach my Big Sky to the DT's MIDI and effects loop, I can't use the HD/L6 link.  If I want to use the HD/L6 link, I must use the HD's MIDI Out to control the Big Sky.  I do, however, have the option of using the HD's effects loop for a stereo return, or the DT's effects loop for a mono return.  I've been able to achieve both setups effectively.
    So if I use a single DT amp, I'll probably put the Big Sky on the amp's MIDI and effect loop.  If I go HD direct or HD to 2 DTs in stereo (which I totally LOVE!), I'll use the HD's MIDI and effects loop to maintain the Big Sky's stereo out.
    Hope this helps someone someday!
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