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Spider Jam and Apple Mac

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I've guessed that the way you connect a Spider Jam to your computer for on-screen tone editing is not directly but via an FBV pedal. Luckily, I have an FBV pedal. What I can't see is which of the software options Line 6 directs you to is the one you would use with a Spider Jam, since the Spider Jam doesn't seem to be listed.


I've tried downloading the software one would use with the Spider V (hoping that the Spider Jam is some sort of Spider V) but that turns out to be Windows-only... and I use an iMac. I can't imagine that the hundreds of user-generated Spider Jam guitar tones available for download have all been put there exclusively by Windows-users, so what software does the Apple Mac-using section of us Spider Jam enthusiast use for tone editing and tone transfer?

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Answering my own query, it looks like it is not possible to connect a Spider Jam to a computer (an iMac, in my case) for on-screen tone-tweaking since there is no software to do that. This seems quite astonishing, bearing in mind how it is easy enough with my earlier-generation Pod 2.

    My understanding is that the Spider Jam amp is most analogous to the Spider III. Unfortunately, the Line 6 software options only go back to Spider IV (which, out of desperation, I downloaded, installed and found wouldn't see my Jam), and the options list in Line 6 Monkey will only go back to Spider IV as well. I do understand that, realistically, you are better doing your tone modelling by ear, at the amp. And any downloaded axe hero tones you might want to install are only going to be very approximate anyway... a starting point at best.

    Nevertheless, it irks me that Line 6 is ignoring the needs of its Jam customer base, and I'm beginning to suspect that this is not a legacy issue - there is no reference anywhere that such software has ever existed. Realistically, it doesn't actually matter any more but in the interests of completism (for me and for the many people who have viewed this post) I'll email Line 6 to ask about this – if I can find where to do so.

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