Alex Skolnick



Though he’s pretty much a household name in heavy metal, Alex defies categorization by musical genre." (Making Music, Jan 2015). Well known as the guitarist of the legendary thrash band Testament - which he joined at sixteen - Alex has produced several critically acclaimed albums with Alex Skolnick Trio (jazz guitar) and Planetary Coalition (acoustic world music) and is a first call player for jazz/rock artists Stu Hamm, Jane Getter and others. In 2016, Joe Satriani chose Alex (his former pupil), for the G4 Experience, alongside Eric Johnson, Mike Keneally and Steve Vai. He was also the sole guitarist on faculty at Warwick’s Bass Camp working with legends such as Alphonso Johnson and Dennis Chambers. While proud of his work with Testament and super group Metal Allegiance (of which he’s a core writer and producer), Alex remains a "musician's musician,” for whom terms such as shredder and thrasher don't paint the full picture.

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