High Praise for Line 6 History and Future in Music Trades Magazine

The October issue of Music Trades magazine featured a glowing article about Line 6, praising how we’ve “redefined the amplifier market” and how we’re about to do it again with our one-of-a-kind digital wireless technology.

The article details our “simultaneous reverence for the venerable vacuum tube and appreciation of digital technology,” and how both have “fueled one of the most significant industry success stories of the past decade.” Music Trades also tips its hat to our talented staff — engineers “who could be working for Apple or Intel”—and points out how their “clinical precision” has lead to the world-class sounds of Line 6 amps, effects processors, plug-in software, guitars, and now, digital wireless systems.

In addition to acknowledging the bright future of Line 6, the article also traces the history of guitar distortion and the “quest for a solid-state alternative to the vacuum tube,” and credits Line 6 cofounders Marcus Ryle and Michel Doidic with “developing a software-based system that has delivered the most realistic tube alternative yet.” In fact, for a new generation of guitarists, Line 6 software-based amps aren’t an “alternative” at all—they “have become the real thing,” says Music Trades.

Looking forward to our advanced digital wireless microphone technology, Music Trades recognizes that Line 6 is once again poised to set the industry standard with the development of even more simple, user-friendly, intuitive products.

For much more, including how Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, and even NASA have influenced the creation of Line 6 products, read the full Music Trades article here.