Artist Spotlight: Robin LeMesurier

If you've ever been to a Rod Stewart concert, or caught one of his many TV specials, you've seen and heard guitarist Robin LeMesurier. Robin has been playing guitar with Stewart for over a quarter of a century. When he's not on tour, Robin remains one of the most in-demand session guitarists in the business. For that kind of versatility, he relies on Line 6 to deliver the tone he's famous for.

We recently caught up with Robin in North Hollywood, CA, where he was preparing for the start of a new Rod Stewart tour. Inside the nondescript brick building was a pristine rehearsal room loaded to the rafters with every type of gear imaginable. In the center of this mish-mosh of expensive vintage amplifiers, keyboards, and speaker cabs stood Robin, plugged in and ready to go with his favorite Line 6 gear: Variax Acoustic 700, Variax Electric 600, ToneCore pedals, and Duoverb.

Variax 600
Variax Acoustic 700
Roto Machine
Space Chorus
Echo Park
One of the latest additions to Robin's Line 6 arsenal is Variax Electric 600. "You can go on forever. It's just a great tool," said Robin. "Every studio should have one in their collection. If a guy turns up and says 'I haven't got a Strat with me,' well you do now. Even a Tele or a Les Paul or whatever & I'm really happy to be using it," he explained. Robin will be using several different models from Variax Electric 600 onstage including the Spank and Tele models. But, he admittedly favors the 12-string. "When you get to the 12-string department, it's just amazing," Robin continues, "It's really, really convincing. It blew my socks off the first time I heard it."

For the upcoming tour, Robin has found many uses for Variax Acoustic 700. He uses Variax's "magic technology" to get all the acoustic sounds he needs. His favorite models are the Jumbo, Dreadnought, Nylon, and Country 12. And, he also uses the altered tunings feature quite often. "A couple of tunes I need to be a half-step down, so I use the dreadnought model with a detuning," said Robin.

A long time DL4 user, Robin has been recently introduced to the ToneCore line of effect pedals. In addition to DL4, he currently uses Roto-Machine, Space Chorus, and Echo Park on his pedalboard. "I've just acquired the Echo Park, which is fantastic," says Robin. He also likes to use all of the pedals together to get a unique ambient sound.

Be sure to check out Robin and his favorite Line 6 gear coming to a city near you on Rod Stewart's world tour.