How do I access Spider Online?

Getting started with Spider Online is easy:

  1. Open a Line 6 account. All you need is an email address.
  2. Register your Spider amplifier Visit the Register Gear section on your My Account page. (Any Spider, Spider II, Spider III, Spider IV, Spider Jam, Spider Valve or Micro Spider will do).
  3. Start learning, jamming and getting great Spider tones!

So what’s here anyway?

There’s lots here but the things you’ll use the most are guitar lessons, backing tracks, and tones.

  • Guitar Lessons

    These are searchable by difficulty and genre. Each lesson has tabs, written instructions and audio that will play each example so you can hear how it’s done. Each audio example is loop-able, so you can play it over and over until you’ve mastered the technique (or your neighbors are pounding on the wall).

  • Backing Tracks

    Our backing tracks are ready to rock when you are. Each one was professionally recorded with top-notch players and is searchable by genre and type: loop (drums only), groove (drums and bass) and jam track (full band). Just load one up on the player page and play!

  • Tones

    A tone is a guitarist’s signature, and it’s something we take very seriously. Some tones can be downloaded into Spider amps and some need to be dialed in on the amp’s front panel. Click here to find your amp and get started.

What’s the best way to listen to Spider Online lessons and backing tracks?

You can listen through your computer speakers but the best way to play along with Spider Online lessons and backing tracks is to listen through your Spider amp. Unplug your computer speakers and connect your computer to your Spider amp’s MP3/CD jack via a regular male-to-male 1/8-inch cable. (Most Spider amps have an MP3/CD jack.) Now you can mix your tone with the music for the perfect Spider Online experience.

If you don’t have a male-to-male 1/8-inch cable, you can find one at any electronics store.

How do I get Spider Online tones into my Spider amp?

  • For Spider IV 75 and up, and Spider Valve MkII owners

    Do you have Spider IV Edit or Spider Valve MkII Edit software installed on your computer? If not, download* and install the one that matches your amp. Connect your amp to an FBV Shortboard™ MkII or FBV Express™ MkII foot controller via RJ-45, and connect the foot controller to your computer via USB. Then, just download the tone from Spider Online and open it in your Spider Edit software.

    *Select your Spider amp in the product pull-down menu, choose Spider Edit in the software menu and choose your computer’s OS in the last menu.

  • For Spider IV 15 and Spider IV 30

    Dial in the tones using graphical displays of the knob settings.

The music player doesn’t work. What’s up?

The music player requires Adobe Flash. If you don’t have it, download it now for free. The Spider Online music player doesn’t support non-Flash-enabled devices like iPad and iPhone (though lesson text and tabs can still be viewed on them so there is still plenty to learn).

When I play my guitar it doesn’t sound like the example.

Keep in mind that plenty of things help shape your tone besides the Spider Amp: your pickup type, string gauge, tuning and even your pick. So expect slight differences between what you hear on the site and what comes out of your rig. Spider tones will get you real close to the sound you want, but you may need to do some final adjustments to get it just right.

How do I find my favorite lessons, backing tracks or tones?

All your favorites can be found in your Spider Online Preferences page.

Isn’t this site the same stuff as GuitarPort Online?

Many of the lessons and backing tracks found on Spider Online can be found on GuitarPort Online, but both sites also feature exclusive content that can be found nowhere else.

What if I find a problem on Spider Online?

Please fill out this form with a detailed explanation of what went wrong and how it happened. We’ll look into the problem as soon as possible.

What if I’m having trouble with my Spider amp?

Visit support to ask a question, search the FAQs, find product manuals and more.